Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Currently - Sept 6th v.34

Sorry this is a late post, but I just got home from work. Everywhere was a MAD HOUSE today. It usually takes me 20 minutes to get to work, today it took me a little over an hour. Was NOT impressed.

Linking up Siddathornton for today's post.

C U R R E N T L Y 

READING: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn but shortly it will turn into textbooks

WRITING: This edition os TSC 

MUSIC:  Song(s) of the moment - Real Life by Jake Owen 

LISTENING: To the peace and quiet which is SO nice right now after a very busy evening at work 

GUILTY PLEASURE: This week and past weekend was bad for me. I've just been in the "I don't care" attitude lately and that's been bad!

THINKING: That I would LOVE to spend a day in bed doing nothing

NAIL COLOR: Raspberry Race by Sally Hansen

DRINK: Bai 5 clementine flavor 

FOOD: My wonderful dinner at work which consisted of sausage and half a protein cookie. Delicious, right!?


HOPING: For a nice drive in to work tomorrow

TV SHOW: I haven't been able to watch much tv lately but when I do, it's usually on Blue Bloods

WEARING: Pajama pants, tee and a hoodie

LOVING: That it's becoming the "off season" down here which means no more tourists and no more traffic! 

WISH LIST: For a day in bed, literally

NEEDING:  To fold and put away my laundry 

BLESSING: Everyone in my life

FEELING: Hopeful and optimistic 

CLICKING: They keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: For a change of scenery in a few days. 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, even though it's not over yet! :)

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