About me

Hellooo and welcome :) ! Here are a few, but important, things I think you should know about me!

 I am 27 years young and due to my love for animals, I graduated with High Honors as an Animal Health Technician. I have a passion for health & fitness and a new found love of open oceans. I'm a shopping addict, makeup addict, huge country music fan, Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays and New England Patriots fan. A few of the things that I love are a good book, a good workout, baked goods, traveling, hoodies and running shoes, lipstick and mascara, warm weather, beaches and palms trees, the smell of laundry and marathoning TV series. I dislike the cold and snow, any sort of bug/spider, early mornings, winter coats, flying and not being able to sleep. I am a strong believer in karma and that you get what you give out to the universe. I believe in being honest no matter how difficult it may be and following the one simple rule "Do unto others as you would have done unto you". 



  1. Thanks for following my blog! I LOVE Supernatural! Definitely one of my favorite shows! Can't wait to read more on your blog!

  2. Hi Katy - thank you for the comment! Supernatural is definitely a GREAT show - haven't been able to catch up but that is definitely something on my "to-do" list. Keep up the great work with everything you've been doing & I am looking forward to reading more and hearing about how your cruise ship adventure turns out! You're always more than welcome to follow back!
    Have a great Sunday :)