Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Sunday Currently - Sept 29 v.7

Just like that, Sunday is back. Today just happens to be National Coffee Day! Hope everyone is celebrating by having at least one coffee filled beverage. I, however, am enjoying a nice cup of Tazo Awake tea, since coffee and I don't really get along all that well. As per every Sunday, I am linking up with Lauren.


Reading: Swimsuit by James Patterson

Writing: This edition of the TSC

Music: Miss Movin' On by Fifth Harmony

Listening: To the television

Guilty Pleasure: Tollhouse halloween sugar cookies

Thinking: Of what I should have for dinner ... I'm thinking Chinese

Nail Color: In A Flurry by Sally Hansen

Smelling: Nothing

Drink: Tazo Awake tea

Wishing: I could make up my mind when it comes to a few certain things

Food: Nothing at the moment

Hoping: A decision can be made when it comes to what I am doing with my life

Tv Show: Started watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix last night and I keep watching it. I'm not too sure how I feel about this show yet .... It's weird, but yet I can't stop.

Wearing: Yoga pants a hoodie - seems to be my go to look after work

Loving: That I have the next three days off

Wish List: A chef and a maid, one can really wish right?

Wanting: DINNER - just no idea what yet

Needing: To fold and put away all my laundry. How I accumulate so much when all I wore for two weeks straight was a work uniform, is beyond me

Blessing: Everything

Feeling: A little bit stressed

Clicking: Keys on the keyboard

Excitement: For all things "October" - my brothers birthday, pumpkin patch outings, pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving etc. 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a wonderful first week of October! :)


Friday, September 27, 2013

Favorite Things - September

I have added a new page to my blog that will explain exactly what "Favorite Things" is. Since I am starting this at the end of September, I won't be able to cross of any goals. I am just going to post some of my favorite things from the past month. Hope you all enjoy! 
~ The Marble Mocha Macchiato ~

~ Orange is the New Black ~

~ Pain and Gain ~

~ Pumpkin Spice Latte ~

~ Cut and Run London ~

~ Insidious: Chapter 2 ~

~ Getting all caught up on Sons of Anarchy ~

Five on Friday - v.5

Happy Friday night! Hope everyone enjoyed their week and enjoying their Friday evening so far. Sorry my entry is a little late today, had a busy day running around, dinner at my moms and just finished up a workout. Like every Friday, I'm linking up with A Liz Adventures

1. Cut and Run London - As I have previously mentioned, I recently have started watching 90210 and fell in love with Annie, who was played by Shenae Grimes. I think I was browsing Pinterest and came across some posts of her and fell in love with her style. I find it a little edgy and different from your everyday choices. From there, I came across  her and her husband Josh Beech's blog called Two Halves Blog. I am obsessed with this blog. I am always reading the latest posts. It is filled with fashion and make up advice, music videos and just great reads. 
From there, I found Cut and Run London. Josh and his partner Dean, and Shenae, create the clothing and jewelry pieces available on the website. My first visit, I was hooked & I will admit, currently obsessed! I couldn't help but order something so I decided to go with the "Love Life" tee. It finally came in the mail and I was super excited. The tee was super comfy and it fit well. I ordered a size larger just in case, because I wasn't sure the style of tee they used, but it fit very well. In the package, there was thank you card which included a discount code for my next spree and I'm pretty sure, I put it to use right away. I order a ash gray tee that has the Cut and Run symbol on it and a new tee from their Hollywood Misfit line. If they send a code in every package, I will end up owning everything from that website. I'm REALLY hoping they come out with more products - my wallet might not but my wardrobe could definitely use a little upgrading. If you guys get the chance - definitely check it out. You won't be disappointed. 

2. Chicken Greek Salads - The last two and a half weeks, I ate a lot of food that is offered at work. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. One day they had a chicken Greek salad and I thought that was a "must try". It was delicious. Ever since then, I have been on a chicken Greek or chicken Cesar salad kick. I even ordered one when I was out for dinner, which is definitely not like me. 

3. The last entry of Five on Friday, I mentioned that I was thinking of doing something different with my hair. I caved and went on Wednesday. For 24 years, I have always been blonde. Different variations of the color, but nonetheless blonde. I was sitting in the living room and was looking at my grade 12 grad picture and I looked the same. I thought it was definitely time for a change - and change is what I ended up with. I never tell anyone when I am getting my hair done because I like the element of surprise. People were surprised alright! I went darker and ended up with an auburn and dark brown color. The only person who has had an issue with it is my mom because she says "I'm a blonde and I shouldn't be any other color". I assured her that no matter what color my hair is, I'm still a blonde and in the summer, the blonde will be back. 

4. Insidious: Chapter 2 - This weeks Tuesday night movie was Insidious Chapter 2. The first terrified me and I expected the second to do the same. The first one was a lot more terrifying than the second, however, there were still jumpy parts and parts that left with me with my hand covering my eyes. It explained A LOT more of the story and after seeing both, I now understand things that happened in the first. If you saw the first and liked it, I would definitely recommend seeing the second. Of course, they added some humor in there which I thought was a nice touch. And as usual, the ending made me say "What the hell!" and I am thinking there will be a third one ...... 

5. Sons of Anarchy - I'M FINALLY CAUGHT UP! I was up way too late last night trying to catch up. I had four episodes left in season 5 and then the three episodes of season 6. This show really touches some of the sense - makes me angry, frustrated, happy and sad! In the final episode of season 5, there were things that I was taken off guard by and couldn't watch. The same with the season 6 opener. I was talking about it with a friend and she said that as brutal as some things are on that show, it's what SOA is all about, touching upon the raw things that actually happen in real life. She is 100 percent right, I guess I was just taken back a bit. Nonetheless, I am IN LOVE with this show and now I have to watch it one episode at a time - I HATE that! Haha 

Enjoy the last weekend in September - yes, it's the last weekend already!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I've got sunshine

Earlier this morning I was reading a comment that Katy had posted on my previous entry. She informed me that she nominated me for the "Sunshine Award"and that my blogs always brighten up her day. I thought that was SUPER nice of her and it made me feel like I'm actually doing something with this blog and not just writing it for myself. If you haven't already, you should definitely check out Katy's blog. She is such an inspiration and always has some fascinating posts.

The idea of the award is to nominate 10 bloggers whose posts brighten your day.

The Rules
1. Include the award logo in your post.
2. Link to the person who nominated you From Katy Pillar to Butterfly
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award. Link the nominees to your post and notify them!

Here are the questions that Katy had posted for me to answer.

1) What are 3 things you're thankful for?
Three things I am thankful for are my family, my job and my health.

2) What's the last movie you watched? Did you like it?
That last movie I watched was Insidious: Chapter 2 and yes, I enjoyed the movie very much.

3) If you could have free, unlimited service from a chef, chauffeur, or masseuse, which would you choose?
Hmmm, good question! I would have to say chef only because this chef could teach me a thing or two about cooking which I could use later on when their services are finished! Haha

4) What did you have for dinner yesterday?
Yesterday I had a grilled chicken greek salad from Kelseys. DELICIOUS!

5) Do you consider yourself young at heart or an old soul?
As much as I would love to say young at heart, if I'm being honest, I would have to say an old soul. The majority of the time I will go with whatever is the more "responsible" decision and I guess my "party" years have come and gone. My perfect Friday night would be staying in with movies and snacks! 

6) What was your first job?
I babysat twins who lived a few houses down from me & I was a busser at a restaurant in town.

7) Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you?
Yes I know a few people actually!

8) What is a super power you wish you had?
To snap my fingers and have my outfit and hair change - like Sabrina The Teenage Witch

9) What does your current outfit look like?
Black pajama pants, yellow Nike tee and a black hoodie from my Animal Health program that I graduated from in 2010

10) What is the title of a book that you feel everyone should read?
"Crazy, Sexy, Diet" by Kris Carr. It's not so much a diet book but it opens your eyes to everything you didn't know about food. 

Questions for my nominees
                                  1) What's one city you visited that you DIDN'T like, and why?
2) What's your favorite clothing store?
3) If I gave you $500.00 right now, what would you go buy?
4) What's the population of the city you currently live in?
5) What's your favorite scent?
6) Would you prefer to live in the city or suburbs?
7) Are you a morning person or a night owl?
8) What was your favorite childhood show that you can remember?
9) Do you prefer swimming or skiing?
10) How long have you been blogging for?

My nominees 
I'm not going to name ten, I am only going to name five. 
1) April @ A Liz Adventures
3) Jess @ Quaintrelle
4) Lauren @ siddathornton

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Night Out

It's been a while since I have had a night out of the house and since I was called off work for the day, tonight seemed to be perfect! 

It started out with dinner at Kelsey's, which is a restaurant I don't normally go to. If anyone in our family goes out to eat, it's usually in the States. For an appetizer I ordered their version of "chips and dip". It was wontons and a buffalo chicken queso dip. Delicious but filling. For my main dish, I ordered a grilled chicken greek salad. Lately, I seem to have been living off of these! Until recently, I usually never added meat to my salads and I have been missing out. I usually get full about half way through. It had romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, black olives and grilled chicken! I will definitely be ordering it the next time I'm there. 

After dinner, it was time for a movie. The choice tonight was Insidious Chapter 2. The first movie, in my opinion, was terrifying. I won't go into too much detail with this movie as I'm planning on including it in this weeks edition of Five on Friday. 

My outfit of the night was simple and casual. I wore my Love Life tee from Cut and Run London. I am absolutely in love with these brand. I will be including it in this weeks editions of Five on Friday as well, so I won't go into detail. I paired it with some dark jeans from Macy's, black cardigan from Reitman's and my spiked loafers from Aldo. All in all, I super comfortable in this outfit yet didn't feel like I was wearing yoga pants and a hoodie. 

Hope you guys are enjoying your week so far! At least tomorrow is hump day, whoo hoo!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Wish List

Here is a list of a few things that I have put on my Fall Wish List this year!

~ Oversized Knit Sweater ~
I absolutely love pieces like this! Pairing them with a pair of skinny jeans and boots makes for a great outfit. Most importantly, they are super comfortable!

~ Boyfriend Cardigans ~
Just like the oversized knit, I absolutely love B/C. I find I wear these a lot when I have a plain or colored tee and I want to wear something a little more fancy than a hoodie. Love pairing this with a pair of jeans and converse or boots.

~ Essie Fall 2013 Collection ~
Nail color is just as important as clothing! I absolutely love Essie nail polish and I'm super excited about their Fall Collection. My favorite color of this Collection is "After School Boy Blazer". 

~ Military Boots ~
In the fall, I feel like I live in my military boots. I already have one pair that pairs well with the majority of my outfits, but I would LOVE a pair of studded boots. I find they go well with skinny jeans and leggings, even though I'm not much of a legging girl.

~ Ankle Boots ~
I've never really been a big fan of ankle boots until I found a pair last season and wore them everywhere. I think they good with skinny jeans, leggings or even a nice dress. I think I need to find a few more pairs for this season. These boots in this picture I NEED TO FIND!!!

~ Military Style Coat ~

Since I am currently looking for a new fall coat, I think I'm going to try and find a military style coat. I love the way they look and the way they fit. 

~ Black Skinny Jeans ~
This year, I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a pair of black skinny jeans. They seem to be a great "staple" piece and can pair together nicely with a lot of things. 

Can you guys think or recommend any Fall "musts"?


The Sunday Currently - Sept. 22 v.6

Happy Monday! I apologize that I didn't get this posted yesterday, however, I was absolutely exhausted when I got home from work I went straight to bed. It has been a very long run of shows and I have been dealing with this headache since Saturday night. Today was just a single show which means I have some free time this evening and a chance to write this entry. I am linking up with Lauren for this entry.

Reading: Swimsuit by James Patterson

Writing: This entry of TSC and a lot of Pro/Con lists lately

Music: Current song of the moment is "Work B**ch" by Britney Spears.

Listening: To the television

Guilty Pleasure: My mom's homemade banana walnut bread

Thinking: Of what to get my brother for his birthday next week

Nail Color: Same color from last week "Hear me roar" by Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I usually let these ones stay on until they start to chip so I will be changing the color up probably around Wednesday

Smelling: Nothing since I seem to have a stuffy nose today :(

Drink: Cranberry juice

Wishing: This headache would go away

Food: Mom's banana walnut bread

Hoping: That I can catch up on some sleep tonight

TV Show: I haven't been able to watch much TV lately but I did watch a bit of the season premier of Survivor last night

Wearing: I was in my work uniform but now I am back in my pajama pants, marathon tshirt and hoodie

Loving: That I have a few days off this week and it's the last week of this run

Wish list: A new fall coat

Wanting: Pancakes haha

Needing: To get my hair done

Blessing: Everything in my life

Feeling: A little stressed but otherwise okay

Clicking: Keyboard

Excitement: My brother is taking me out for dinner & a movie tomorrow evening which is really nice :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend, a good first day of fall and a wonderful Monday!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Thoughts ..

Five on Friday - v.4

It's that time again, an afternoon writing an edition of Five on Friday. I'm linking up with A Liz Adventures again for FOF. Hope you all enjoyed your week, the weather was actually pretty nice. I had a very busy week and I finally get a day off tomorrow! However, being so busy made for a quick week. 

1. Pain & Gain - As usual, when I get home after work I am never tired, I always get my third wind. My brother and I wanted to watch a newer movie so we decided on Pain & Gain. I saw previews for this movie in the theatre, and to be honest, it didn't look that interesting to me. The movie is about a group of body builders who go to some EXTREMES for a better life. It's also a true story. I will admit, the previews I saw did not do this movie justice. It was a really good movie and I was not expecting it to turn out the way it did. There were quite a few funny parts and let me just say, watching a movie full of muscular attractive men like Mark Walhberg and The Rock - A+ in my books! The fact that it's a true story blows my mind, even though I'm not sure how much was true and how much was fabricated for the movie. Bottom line - definitely a movie worth watching!

2. I have decided that I want to do something completely different and drastic with my hair. I have always been a blonde and I have never really did anything super different. The last time I did something, I went a little darker with some browns and reds and I ended up really liking it. I'm thinking this time maybe go shorter than I would and change the color to a brown. 

3. PSL - Also known as Pumpkin Spice Latte. I had my first one the other day and maybe it's because I'm a little under the weather, but it wasn't what I thought it would be. I couldn't really taste the pumpkin spice, my brother and mother could, but I couldn't. So I'm guessing it is because I am feeling a little crappy. I will definitely be ordering it again though, that's for sure. 

4. Skittles - I saw a commercial the other day for Skittles and ever since then I can't stop eating them. The worst part is, you cannot just have one or two .. you end up eating a lot more than you should in one sitting!

5. Candy Crush - I was a little late jumping on the CC bandwagon and now that I have, I wish I never started. It starts out fun and then you get to a level that you cannot pass and then it becomes the worst thing in the world. I have been stuck on level 79 for almost two months now, no joke! I attempt it and then I get no where and give up again. It's to the point now where if someone else beats it, I'l pay them! Haha And yet there are people who are on level 300 or who have beat the entire thing ..... Teach me!

Enjoy your weekend!! :)


Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Sunday Currently - Sept 18 v.5

Hope everyone had a good Friday. I'm finally getting around to writing this edition. I was running around all morning and then had to work - finally sitting down now! Busy day .... I am linking up with Lauren for tonight's TSC.

Reading: Second Honeymoon by James Patterson. 

Writing: This blog post and many other little notes to keep me organized.

Music: Work B*tch by Britney Spears -- LOVING this song!!! She never disappoints!!

Listening: The above mentioned song.

Guilty Pleasure: This week it's been Skittles.

Thinking: I should have NOT worn heels to work tonight!

Nail Color: Hear Me Roar by Sally Hansen. They are the Salon Effects and I absolutely love these things. Sometimes I don't have the patience to wait for the polish to dry, so I just stick these on and away I go.
Smelling: Nothing.

Drink: Decaf Orange Pekoe tea. Very soothing after a long shift at work. 

Wishing: My feet would stop throbbing. 

Food: Nothing right now and I've only had half a sub from Subway today.

Hoping: For an easy rest of the week. It's been a very long three days and this production run is still running until the 27th so it will be a very long two weeks. 

TV Show: My brother has got me started on Modern Dads which is on A&E.

Wearing: Yellow and pink pajama pants and a cheer tee (of course).

Loving: That I have a day off coming up!

Wish List: A good sleep!

Wanting: A chicken greek salad.

Needing: To finish this and get to sleep.

Blessing: A job and co-workers that I love.

Feeling: Tired and sore.

Clicking: The keyboard.

Excitement: For my day off, even though it's taken up by appointments and dinner with my mom. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday -v.3

Friday is here once again and today just happens to be Friday the 13th! Is it me or is the month of September just flying by? I'm linking up with A.Liz Adventures again for this weeks edition. 

1. Olive Garden - Television commercials really do work! After seeing commercial after commercial advertising Olive Garden's never ending pasta bowl, Wednesday night's dinner decision was simply the OG. I have been there a handful of times and I am never disappointed. The never ending past bowl was something that I did not participate in because honestly, it's just a waste of money for me and I can only eat so much pasta. This time around I decided to have the three cheese ravioli and of course, their chicken & gnocchi soup. Just writing this is making me hungry ..... 

2. 102 days until ..... Christmas! Yes, I have started my Christmas countdown. I absolutely LOVE the Holidays. The decorations, the baking, the dinners, Christmas movies, and of course, the family time. I also love family traditions that happen around Christmas and if you ever try to steer away from them, my brother will be very angry. 

3. Sweater weather - As much as I am summer girl and absolutely love flip flops, I also love sweater weather. There is something comfortable and relaxing waking up and putting on a pair of yoga pants and a sweater. This fall I will be adding a lot of cardigans and oversized knit sweaters to my wardrobe. 

4. Dreams - I have been having some pretty weird and interesting dreams lately. Throughout the years and classes I have taken, I have always heard that you dreams are things that you think about during the day and that some part of your dream always comes true. Well, thinking of last nights dream, neither of those points are valid. I'm pretty sure I was dating Teddy from 90210 .. weird, I know. 

5. The smell of fresh baked cookies. Whenever I have a lot on my mind, I tend to bake. This time around I chose to bake some chocolate chip cookies. I left the kitchen while they were baking and when I walked back in ... mmmm, that smell. The cookies turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I will be spending it with double shifts and production runs. The only time I am "okay" with spending hours and hours at work is when the weather is crappy and I believe it is going to be one of those weekends. 


Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Sunday Currently - Sept 8 v.4

Happy Sunday & happy first official day of football! Let's Go Patriots!!

Reading: Second Honeymoon by James Patterson 

Writing: This edition of TSC

Music: Current song of the moment would have to be I Don't Want You Anymore by Jessica Lowndes

Listening: To peace and quiet :)

Guilty Pleasure: M&M Confetti Cookies that my mom made for our family dinner last Wednesday. 

Thinking: Of many, many things at the moment! My mind never seems to rest.

Nail Color: Sturdy Sapphire by Sally Hansen

Smelling: Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Drink: Decaf orange pekoe, as usual.

Wishing: That my shift at work tonight goes by extremely fast! Hello 4 days off :)

Food: A bowl of lucky charms - they are magically delicious you know!

Hoping: Everything that is going on in my life right now gets figured out on the ASAP!

TV Show: I am on the final season of 90210 and SOA starts soon.

Wearing: Black yoga pants, yellow Nike tee and a blue hoodie. 

Loving: That it is the first official day of regular season football!! 

Wish List: A full weekend off without having to book it.

Wanting: To stay home in my pajamas all day.

Needing: To get a few things organized for an appointment that I have tomorrow.

Blessing: Everything!

Feeling: Ready to go to work and get this shift over and done with.

Clicking: Keyboard.

Excitement: This photo speaks for itself!! Can we please just take a moment to marvel at the wonder that this is?

I'm linking up with Lauren on this edition of TSC. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday - v.2

Happy Friday & hope everyone enjoyed their first week of September. Here is my "Five for Friday" for this week ... sorry it's a little late. I'm linking up with A Liz Adventures for this weeks edition. 

1. Marble Mocha Macchiato - I recently have discovered this off the of the secret menu from Starbucks and I thought the next time I was in, I would ask to see if they knew how to make one. Well, this certain Starbucks knew how!! Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS! This drink is similar to their Caramel Macchiato, however, it has white mocha on the bottom, shot on top and mocha drizzle, no whip cream either. If you are a fan of the Caramel Macchiato, this is definitely worth trying. 

2. How fast the weather is changing - It seems like mother nature has this built in clock that says "Oh, school is in session, time for a weather change". I miss the summer weather already! I know it isn't officially fall until the 22nd, but when I have to put a hoodie on before nightfall, it makes me very very upset. Don't get me wrong, I love the fall for certain things, but I am a summer girl 100%. Let's hope we can still get some summer weather before the dreaded "w" word - winter!

3. M&M Confetti Cookies - My mom likes to have a family dinner once a week where everyone is there. I don't live with my mom, neither does my brother or step brother & step sister. So it's nice that we are all there once a week to catch up and have family time. This weeks dinner, she made a wonderful roast and mashed potatoes and for dessert she made M&M Confetti Cookies. I found this recipe on Pinterest and the consensus was - she will definitely be baking these again.

4. Orange is the new black by Piper Kerman - as I have mentioned in my "Sunday Currently", I have been reading this book after watching the show on NetFlix. I have recently finished this book and I definitely recommend reading this book and watching the show. The book is definitely different than the show, which is a nice surprise. After finishing the book, I came away from it thinking that it was a very motivational book and it also gave an inside view of the woman's prison system in the US. Definitely recommended. 

5. Just going to leave you all with this and this speaks volumes about my life right now. I have to start thinking of the long run and how I am going to get there. If that means I have to make "adult" decisions and give up exciting and fun opportunities, than I guess I have to. In every aspect of my life... I guess it's time to work a little harder. 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In my drugstore bag 2

In this edition of "In my drugstore bag"...

Garnier Pure Astringent Toner - I use this in conjunction with the Garnier Pure Exfo Brusher and the Pure Shine Control Moisturizer. I absolutely love this line of products from Garnier. The toner is used to help with blemishes, even out pores and complexion. By using all three products together, I find that my skin has a more even tone than it did prior to use. It also leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. 

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - pretty self explanatory and they work!

Wet'N'Wild Color Icon Bronzer - I don't usually use this brand, but I'm not too picky when it comes to a bronzer since I don't even use that much. I use a very small amount to give my face a nice fresh "sun kissed" glow. 

L'Oreal Arginine Resist x3 Shampoo & Conditioner - Before using this s&c, my hair would always seem to "fall out". After laying down somewhere or after brushing or combing it. It was getting out of control. I saw a commercial for this product and heard what it is supposed to do and thought - here it is, my miracle product! I didn't get my hopes up because we all know what happens, it never works. After using it, I will say without a doubt, IT DOES WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO (for me anyway). It is supposed to make your hair stronger and more resistant to breakage - that it does! I find that there is way less hair and I find my hair a lot healthier, shinier and softer. I will go around the city looking for this s&c if a store is out, that's how much I love this product! Here is the website if you want to research it more for yourself. 

Enjoy the rest of your week :)