Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday - v.5

Happy Friday night! Hope everyone enjoyed their week and enjoying their Friday evening so far. Sorry my entry is a little late today, had a busy day running around, dinner at my moms and just finished up a workout. Like every Friday, I'm linking up with A Liz Adventures

1. Cut and Run London - As I have previously mentioned, I recently have started watching 90210 and fell in love with Annie, who was played by Shenae Grimes. I think I was browsing Pinterest and came across some posts of her and fell in love with her style. I find it a little edgy and different from your everyday choices. From there, I came across  her and her husband Josh Beech's blog called Two Halves Blog. I am obsessed with this blog. I am always reading the latest posts. It is filled with fashion and make up advice, music videos and just great reads. 
From there, I found Cut and Run London. Josh and his partner Dean, and Shenae, create the clothing and jewelry pieces available on the website. My first visit, I was hooked & I will admit, currently obsessed! I couldn't help but order something so I decided to go with the "Love Life" tee. It finally came in the mail and I was super excited. The tee was super comfy and it fit well. I ordered a size larger just in case, because I wasn't sure the style of tee they used, but it fit very well. In the package, there was thank you card which included a discount code for my next spree and I'm pretty sure, I put it to use right away. I order a ash gray tee that has the Cut and Run symbol on it and a new tee from their Hollywood Misfit line. If they send a code in every package, I will end up owning everything from that website. I'm REALLY hoping they come out with more products - my wallet might not but my wardrobe could definitely use a little upgrading. If you guys get the chance - definitely check it out. You won't be disappointed. 

2. Chicken Greek Salads - The last two and a half weeks, I ate a lot of food that is offered at work. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. One day they had a chicken Greek salad and I thought that was a "must try". It was delicious. Ever since then, I have been on a chicken Greek or chicken Cesar salad kick. I even ordered one when I was out for dinner, which is definitely not like me. 

3. The last entry of Five on Friday, I mentioned that I was thinking of doing something different with my hair. I caved and went on Wednesday. For 24 years, I have always been blonde. Different variations of the color, but nonetheless blonde. I was sitting in the living room and was looking at my grade 12 grad picture and I looked the same. I thought it was definitely time for a change - and change is what I ended up with. I never tell anyone when I am getting my hair done because I like the element of surprise. People were surprised alright! I went darker and ended up with an auburn and dark brown color. The only person who has had an issue with it is my mom because she says "I'm a blonde and I shouldn't be any other color". I assured her that no matter what color my hair is, I'm still a blonde and in the summer, the blonde will be back. 

4. Insidious: Chapter 2 - This weeks Tuesday night movie was Insidious Chapter 2. The first terrified me and I expected the second to do the same. The first one was a lot more terrifying than the second, however, there were still jumpy parts and parts that left with me with my hand covering my eyes. It explained A LOT more of the story and after seeing both, I now understand things that happened in the first. If you saw the first and liked it, I would definitely recommend seeing the second. Of course, they added some humor in there which I thought was a nice touch. And as usual, the ending made me say "What the hell!" and I am thinking there will be a third one ...... 

5. Sons of Anarchy - I'M FINALLY CAUGHT UP! I was up way too late last night trying to catch up. I had four episodes left in season 5 and then the three episodes of season 6. This show really touches some of the sense - makes me angry, frustrated, happy and sad! In the final episode of season 5, there were things that I was taken off guard by and couldn't watch. The same with the season 6 opener. I was talking about it with a friend and she said that as brutal as some things are on that show, it's what SOA is all about, touching upon the raw things that actually happen in real life. She is 100 percent right, I guess I was just taken back a bit. Nonetheless, I am IN LOVE with this show and now I have to watch it one episode at a time - I HATE that! Haha 

Enjoy the last weekend in September - yes, it's the last weekend already!



  1. Shanae Grimes is super cute, I had no idea she was married?! I will definitely check out Cut and Run London.

  2. Thanks for reading Whitney :) I'm not sure how long they have been married but they seem like a very cute couple! I'm glad you're going to check out C&R, hope you enjoy it just as much as I do :)