Monday, September 23, 2013

The Sunday Currently - Sept. 22 v.6

Happy Monday! I apologize that I didn't get this posted yesterday, however, I was absolutely exhausted when I got home from work I went straight to bed. It has been a very long run of shows and I have been dealing with this headache since Saturday night. Today was just a single show which means I have some free time this evening and a chance to write this entry. I am linking up with Lauren for this entry.

Reading: Swimsuit by James Patterson

Writing: This entry of TSC and a lot of Pro/Con lists lately

Music: Current song of the moment is "Work B**ch" by Britney Spears.

Listening: To the television

Guilty Pleasure: My mom's homemade banana walnut bread

Thinking: Of what to get my brother for his birthday next week

Nail Color: Same color from last week "Hear me roar" by Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I usually let these ones stay on until they start to chip so I will be changing the color up probably around Wednesday

Smelling: Nothing since I seem to have a stuffy nose today :(

Drink: Cranberry juice

Wishing: This headache would go away

Food: Mom's banana walnut bread

Hoping: That I can catch up on some sleep tonight

TV Show: I haven't been able to watch much TV lately but I did watch a bit of the season premier of Survivor last night

Wearing: I was in my work uniform but now I am back in my pajama pants, marathon tshirt and hoodie

Loving: That I have a few days off this week and it's the last week of this run

Wish list: A new fall coat

Wanting: Pancakes haha

Needing: To get my hair done

Blessing: Everything in my life

Feeling: A little stressed but otherwise okay

Clicking: Keyboard

Excitement: My brother is taking me out for dinner & a movie tomorrow evening which is really nice :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend, a good first day of fall and a wonderful Monday!


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