Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Sunday Currently - Sept 8 v.4

Happy Sunday & happy first official day of football! Let's Go Patriots!!

Reading: Second Honeymoon by James Patterson 

Writing: This edition of TSC

Music: Current song of the moment would have to be I Don't Want You Anymore by Jessica Lowndes

Listening: To peace and quiet :)

Guilty Pleasure: M&M Confetti Cookies that my mom made for our family dinner last Wednesday. 

Thinking: Of many, many things at the moment! My mind never seems to rest.

Nail Color: Sturdy Sapphire by Sally Hansen

Smelling: Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Drink: Decaf orange pekoe, as usual.

Wishing: That my shift at work tonight goes by extremely fast! Hello 4 days off :)

Food: A bowl of lucky charms - they are magically delicious you know!

Hoping: Everything that is going on in my life right now gets figured out on the ASAP!

TV Show: I am on the final season of 90210 and SOA starts soon.

Wearing: Black yoga pants, yellow Nike tee and a blue hoodie. 

Loving: That it is the first official day of regular season football!! 

Wish List: A full weekend off without having to book it.

Wanting: To stay home in my pajamas all day.

Needing: To get a few things organized for an appointment that I have tomorrow.

Blessing: Everything!

Feeling: Ready to go to work and get this shift over and done with.

Clicking: Keyboard.

Excitement: This photo speaks for itself!! Can we please just take a moment to marvel at the wonder that this is?

I'm linking up with Lauren on this edition of TSC. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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