Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Night Out

It's been a while since I have had a night out of the house and since I was called off work for the day, tonight seemed to be perfect! 

It started out with dinner at Kelsey's, which is a restaurant I don't normally go to. If anyone in our family goes out to eat, it's usually in the States. For an appetizer I ordered their version of "chips and dip". It was wontons and a buffalo chicken queso dip. Delicious but filling. For my main dish, I ordered a grilled chicken greek salad. Lately, I seem to have been living off of these! Until recently, I usually never added meat to my salads and I have been missing out. I usually get full about half way through. It had romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, black olives and grilled chicken! I will definitely be ordering it the next time I'm there. 

After dinner, it was time for a movie. The choice tonight was Insidious Chapter 2. The first movie, in my opinion, was terrifying. I won't go into too much detail with this movie as I'm planning on including it in this weeks edition of Five on Friday. 

My outfit of the night was simple and casual. I wore my Love Life tee from Cut and Run London. I am absolutely in love with these brand. I will be including it in this weeks editions of Five on Friday as well, so I won't go into detail. I paired it with some dark jeans from Macy's, black cardigan from Reitman's and my spiked loafers from Aldo. All in all, I super comfortable in this outfit yet didn't feel like I was wearing yoga pants and a hoodie. 

Hope you guys are enjoying your week so far! At least tomorrow is hump day, whoo hoo!



  1. I want to see Insidious Chapter 2! Can't wait to hear more of your thoughts about it!

    I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Check out my post for details. Reading your posts always brightens my day!


  2. Awe thank you so much Katy! I'm so glad you enjoy my posts and that they help brighten your day! I finished with the post if you wanted to check out my answers to your questions :)