Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Sunday Currently - Sept 18 v.5

Hope everyone had a good Friday. I'm finally getting around to writing this edition. I was running around all morning and then had to work - finally sitting down now! Busy day .... I am linking up with Lauren for tonight's TSC.

Reading: Second Honeymoon by James Patterson. 

Writing: This blog post and many other little notes to keep me organized.

Music: Work B*tch by Britney Spears -- LOVING this song!!! She never disappoints!!

Listening: The above mentioned song.

Guilty Pleasure: This week it's been Skittles.

Thinking: I should have NOT worn heels to work tonight!

Nail Color: Hear Me Roar by Sally Hansen. They are the Salon Effects and I absolutely love these things. Sometimes I don't have the patience to wait for the polish to dry, so I just stick these on and away I go.
Smelling: Nothing.

Drink: Decaf Orange Pekoe tea. Very soothing after a long shift at work. 

Wishing: My feet would stop throbbing. 

Food: Nothing right now and I've only had half a sub from Subway today.

Hoping: For an easy rest of the week. It's been a very long three days and this production run is still running until the 27th so it will be a very long two weeks. 

TV Show: My brother has got me started on Modern Dads which is on A&E.

Wearing: Yellow and pink pajama pants and a cheer tee (of course).

Loving: That I have a day off coming up!

Wish List: A good sleep!

Wanting: A chicken greek salad.

Needing: To finish this and get to sleep.

Blessing: A job and co-workers that I love.

Feeling: Tired and sore.

Clicking: The keyboard.

Excitement: For my day off, even though it's taken up by appointments and dinner with my mom. 

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