Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Woman Crush Wednesday

Wednesday is the day that means the week is half over and the weekend is just a few days away. Well, to me anyway. Here I am finding myself wide awake at 2:48am with A LOT on my mind and thought a post would help take my mind off of things for a while. So without further hesitation, here is my post on "Woman Crush Wednesday".

I have come across "Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW)" every week on Instagram and Twitter. I've never really "participated", however, I thought this week I would. Here are my two "WCW" ....

Shenae Grimes Beech
Many of you know her as Annie from The CW's 90210 and Degrassi. I started to re-watch and watch 90210 on NetFlix and right from the start, I was always a major fan. As I continued to watch 90210, I became more aware of her style through the show, photos and from reading articles on her. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her style and I recently found her & her husband, Josh Beech's blog and after reading, fell in love even more. Mind you I don't know her personally, she just seems like such a down to earth person who loves to have fun! And looks AMAZING while doing so. By reading their blog, I then came across Cut and Run London which is another collaboration with the two! There are more big things on the way for this lovely lady!

AnnaLynne McCord
Along side Annie on 90210, was the ever so popular and wonderful, Naomi Clark. I became a fan the same way as I did with Shenae. AnnaLynne's style on and off 90210 is perfection! Alongside fashion perfection, she is a very talented actress and a passionate activist as well. I am an avid Twitter user and I do happen to follow AnnaLynne and every time she posts something in regards to a cause she cares about, she always seems so dedicated and appreciative of any help that is shared. If you're not on Twitter, this is the link that she provides in her description and invites you to check out. AnnaLynne is doing an amazing thing and I hope to see more from her. 

Thanks for reading, goodnight!

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