Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sunday Currently - March 1 v.23

Greetings from Orlando - again! It seems that all I do lately is hang out at airports and write posts. I mean, besides visiting Starbucks (which I already did), what else do you do when you have time to waste in the airport?

I decided I was going to take a much needed vacation and visit some people back on the Liberty where I spent five and a months of my six month contract. It's definitely going to be a little bit weird because I will be allowed to do all the things that I am not allowed when I am working like having breakfast on Lido, room service, breakfast in bed (taking advantage ASAP!) and lounging on Serenity. This time I may actually get to work on a tan seeing as I won't be working. I am looking forward to spending some time with the girls and a special someone as well. But on to this post ...


READING: Still working on Gone Girl but hoping to finish that in the next few days 

WRITING: This edition of TSC

MUSIC: I have a few songs of the moment right now: Lie A Little Better by Lucy Hale, Blank Space by Taylor Swift and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

LISTENING: To this horrible airport music

GUILTY PLEASURE: My mocha frapp from SB that I am enjoying right now

THINKING: That this headache better go away and I cannot wait to get into bed and take a much needed nap

NAIL COLOR: Black Diamond by Sally Hansen

SMELLING: Nothing at all

DRINK: Mocha frapp from SB

FOOD: Enjoying a greek yogurt with strawberries, blueberries and granola

HOPING: Again, that this headache goes away and that everything goes well over the next two weeks

TV SHOW: Still working on PLL, but lately I have been seeing a lot of things about House Of Cards. I have never heard of it or seen any previews for it. Does anyone know if it is actually as good as people are leading me to believe?

WEARING: Converse runners, Talula pants, Cariloha tee and LuLulemon hoodie - typical airport wear!

LOVING: The fact that I am on an actual vacation 

WISH LIST: For a bed!!!

NEEDING: To find ways to keep occupied ....

BLESSING: Everyone and everything in my life

FEELING: Tired and annoyed with this headache 

CLICKING: Keyboard

EXCITEMENT: Va-cay-tion!!! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and that your upcoming week is just as fabulous!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday v6

Welcome to the weekend everyone and my first OHF since I left six months ago (wow, I cannot believe it's been six months since the last one!). If you guys haven't already checked out the linkup, make sure you do with The Farmer's Wife and September Farm

If any of you have Netflix, you know that it now has all eight seasons of Full House! Excuse me while I go relive my childhood right? Every day after school I would watch Family Matters, Full House and Step by Step and I am pretty sure I have seen every episode of Full House. Of course I started from Season 1, E01 and I am thinking it's much better this time around seeing as I am a little bit older and can understand some of the jokes and humor. I never realized how funny this show actually was. And can I just say - Uncle Jessie, HAVE MERCY!

My weekend is full of flights and airports, again! However, this time it's going to an actual vacation where I can relax and just take some time for myself. I am heading back to the ship where I spent my first five and a half months of my contract to visit some people. What's the point of having a job with amazing perks if you don't take advantage of them? It will be nice to enjoy things that you can't when you're working. 

These words explain everything and probably why I have been having a difficult time adjusting to being home this time around ...

If I hear one more thing about this dress and what color it is, I may just lose my mind! Just saying ... 

I cannot believe how cold it is! Then again, I have been a little spoiled in the last year with being in the Caribbean but still ... it's to the unbearable point. I have had my one day in Canadian weather, time to go back!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Home Sweet Home

What can I say about my second contract? Hmm ... well, it was definitely a contract of firsts and I learned more about myself in the last six months than I thought possible. My first five months were spent on board the Liberty where I met people who turned into family instead of just best friends. I've now been to places that I only dreamed about going and saw in travel magazines. We went to Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, San Juan, Costa Maya, Cozumel, Roatan, Belize, Nassau and one stop at Half Moon Cay - some of the most beautiful places I have seen. Towards the end of my contract, I was asked if I wanted to transfer over to the Triumph and finish out my contract there. This ship was going to a 33 day speciality cruise and they needed some help. It was a difficult decision to make because it was only going to be for three weeks and I wasn't ready to leave and say farewell to some of the people on the Liberty. However, I agreed and I am glad I did. Even though it was for a short time, I was able to experience some new ports like Grenada and Dominica (where they filmed Pirates of The Caribbean 2 and 3) and met some wonderful people. This was also my first Christmas and holiday season away from home. It was difficult but everyone was in the same position being away from their families so we all helped each other out. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! New Years on a ship is a NYE like no other!! If you ever have the chance to celebrate on a ship, I highly recommend it!

If you have ever worked on a ship or in a similar position, you know some of the downfalls of the job. The one that bothers me the most, is having to say farewell to these amazing people when it's time to go home. I am lucky enough to still be in contact with the majority of them and I will be seeing some of them during my actual vacation. I decided to head back to the Liberty for a two week vacation to visit some friends and, well, let's be honest, a certain someone. A lot of people were confused as to why I would go back to a ship for a vacation. Well, why not? I leave Saturday and I cannot wait for some fun, sun and relaxation. 

I head back out for my third contract April 11th and I will be heading to New Orleans!! I'm so excited as I have always wanted to go to NOLA but I have never had the chance. When the ship was on my list, I jumped at the chance. My next contract will be a little bit different than the last one. This one I had a lot of fun and did things I never thought I would do. Next one, I need to save save save! Easier said than done, especially for me. Hopefully, next time it won't be so hard to adjust to being at home. I have no idea why it's been so difficult. I mean, it could be the time change, but it's definitely starting to take it's toll on me. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from this contract ... 


Curacao (My second favorite port)

San Juan, PR -- We hiked the rainforest and this is a view from the watchtower

Airport Beach in St. Maarten -- the airport is across the street and it's apparently one of the most dangerous beaches in the world because the planes land so close to the beach

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

Ice Bar in St. Thomas

Christmas time in St. Maarten

Costa Maya, Mexico

Another view from the San Juan rainforest

Aruba - my favorite port

Cozumel, Mexico

My ship in St. Thomas

I am very blessed to have this job and it will always be something I look back on and remember. Not everyone has the chance to do this, which is why I am very thankful for the opportunity and will keep doing it until I can't do it anymore. 

What's Up Wednesday [8]

Linking up with Jaime for today's edition of What's Up Wednesday.

1. What I Am Reading
I am currently reading Gone Girl and I cannot seem to put the book down. I am a little over half way and there are so many twists and turns already, which I was not expecting. I refuse to watch the movie until I finish the book, but holding off is killing me as I have heard so many great things about both.

2. What I Am Writing
I spent a lot of the day writing messages back and forth with friends still on the ship I left. I am heading back there for an actual vacation so it was just a few things about what we'll be up to and catching me up on all the gossip that I have missed.  A month on a ship equals like 6 months on land so there was A LOT for me to hear.

3. What Inspires Me Right Now
Even though I'm kind of in a slump today, my goals for my next contract and what I want to accomplish keep running through my mind and I am READY!

4. What Else Have I Been Up To
Saturday it will be one week since I finished my second contract and returned home to the cold and snow. It's just be me trying to adjust to being home and the time change. We were three hours ahead of home while I was on my last ship. I know three hours isn't a massive time change, but it can be and it's starting to feel like one.

Enjoy the rest of your week, I hope its fabulous! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Currently - Feb 22 v.22

Happy Sunday everyone! This is my first edition of TSC at home - that's right, I am HOME from my second contract out at sea!! I'm only home for six days and then I am heading out for an actual vacation, which I am so excited about because I am able to relax in the sun and not have to worry about work or anything! I will be writing a post about my second contract later on today .. but now, for this edition of TSC ... 


READING: Gone Girl - half way through and already I'm saying WHAT?!

WRITING: This edition of TSC

MUSIC: Never Get To Heaven by Sarah Blaine 

LISTENING: To the sound of silence

GUILTY PLEASURE: Oh where do I begin? I would have to say the greek yogurt dip jalapeƱo flavour

THINKING: That it is way too cold and there is way too much snow!!

NAIL COLOR: Nothing at the moment 



FOOD: Craving Chinese at the moment .... 

HOPING: That everything works out for the best in the next few weeks and that my actual vacation goes well and that I enjoy myself -- which, I'm sure I will

TV SHOW: I may or may not be a little too excited to bing watch season 5 of Pretty Little Liars. I have waited 6.5 months to continue on with the show and I started last night and only made it through two episodes because I was so tired. Tonight, however, it's GO time

WEARING: Pajama pants and a hoodie - I missed wearing pyjamas all day

LOVING: The fact that I get to take an actual vacation in the sun and relax for two weeks

WISH LIST: For NO snow and warm weather

NEEDING: To finish this never ending laundry 

BLESSING: Everyone and everything in my life

FEELING: Tired - it's a little difficult adjusting to sleeping at home when you first get home 

CLICKING: Keyboard

EXCITEMENT: Va-cay-tion!!! 

Keep an eye out for my post about my contract later on today! :)

Enjoy your Sunday

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Currently - Feb 1 v.21

Since I have a day off and some time, why not post this edition of TSC! Oh, how I have missed TSC!


READING: Gone Girl

WRITING: This edition of TSC

MUSIC: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars - AMAZING!

LISTENING: To the above mentioned song

GUILTY PLEASURE: Today it is microwave popcorn

THINKING: I miss my Liberty family so much right now ... especially a certain someone!

NAIL COLOR: Nothing at the moment 

SMELLING: Nothing ... going through yet another cold

DRINK: Dr Pepper

FOOD: I just had THE BEST bbq chicken flatbread for lunch

HOPING: For a smooth and safe travel day tomorrow and for a great three weeks on board my new ship


WEARING: Yoga pants, PATRIOTS Tee (GO PATS) and a LuLuLemon sweater

LOVING: My job

WISH LIST: To be back on the Liberty

NEEDING: To get to bed early tonight

BLESSING: Everyone and everything in my life

FEELING: Soo nervous about my travel day tomorrow and for joining this new ship with a new team

CLICKING: Keyboard

EXCITEMENT: New ship, new ports and in 18 days I am going home! 

Rolling with the tides exactly what I am doing!!

Hey y'all -- It's been a while since I have added a post and it feels so good getting the chance to write! I am almost finished my second adventure at sea, 18 more days left to go. However, this one has come with a little a twist. I was recently asked if I wanted to transfer ships to help their team out during their speciality cruise and of course I said yes! The new ship I am going to is doing an 11 and 12 day speciality run to Panama, Columbia, Grenada and amazing ports like that. Unfortunately, I will only be there for 3 weeks and then it's time to go home, but still .. I get to experience new ports, new ship and new team.

The first five months of my contract were AMAZING! I saw some amazing places and met so many amazing people. It honestly felt like I left home this morning when I signed off. I am currently in a hotel enjoying my day off -- yes, a day off and I am already looking for things to do haha! I fly to join my new ship tomorrow in Mexico. Even though sometimes I complain, I honestly do have the best job in the world.

Well .. it's off to have dinner in a real restaurant with real food .. not mess or lido food!

Have a wonderful evening everyone :)