Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's Up Wednesday [8]

Linking up with Jaime for today's edition of What's Up Wednesday.

1. What I Am Reading
I am currently reading Gone Girl and I cannot seem to put the book down. I am a little over half way and there are so many twists and turns already, which I was not expecting. I refuse to watch the movie until I finish the book, but holding off is killing me as I have heard so many great things about both.

2. What I Am Writing
I spent a lot of the day writing messages back and forth with friends still on the ship I left. I am heading back there for an actual vacation so it was just a few things about what we'll be up to and catching me up on all the gossip that I have missed.  A month on a ship equals like 6 months on land so there was A LOT for me to hear.

3. What Inspires Me Right Now
Even though I'm kind of in a slump today, my goals for my next contract and what I want to accomplish keep running through my mind and I am READY!

4. What Else Have I Been Up To
Saturday it will be one week since I finished my second contract and returned home to the cold and snow. It's just be me trying to adjust to being home and the time change. We were three hours ahead of home while I was on my last ship. I know three hours isn't a massive time change, but it can be and it's starting to feel like one.

Enjoy the rest of your week, I hope its fabulous! :)

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