Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday v6

Welcome to the weekend everyone and my first OHF since I left six months ago (wow, I cannot believe it's been six months since the last one!). If you guys haven't already checked out the linkup, make sure you do with The Farmer's Wife and September Farm

If any of you have Netflix, you know that it now has all eight seasons of Full House! Excuse me while I go relive my childhood right? Every day after school I would watch Family Matters, Full House and Step by Step and I am pretty sure I have seen every episode of Full House. Of course I started from Season 1, E01 and I am thinking it's much better this time around seeing as I am a little bit older and can understand some of the jokes and humor. I never realized how funny this show actually was. And can I just say - Uncle Jessie, HAVE MERCY!

My weekend is full of flights and airports, again! However, this time it's going to an actual vacation where I can relax and just take some time for myself. I am heading back to the ship where I spent my first five and a half months of my contract to visit some people. What's the point of having a job with amazing perks if you don't take advantage of them? It will be nice to enjoy things that you can't when you're working. 

These words explain everything and probably why I have been having a difficult time adjusting to being home this time around ...

If I hear one more thing about this dress and what color it is, I may just lose my mind! Just saying ... 

I cannot believe how cold it is! Then again, I have been a little spoiled in the last year with being in the Caribbean but still ... it's to the unbearable point. I have had my one day in Canadian weather, time to go back!

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