Friday, December 18, 2015

Five on Friday

Welcome to another edition of FOF! I will be linking up with A Liz Adventures and I think you should too!

This week has been uneventful and kind of boring - I won't lie. You know when you feel like you're stuck in a rut and have no idea why ... yeah, that's how I have been feeling the last few days. What do you guys do to get yourself out of rut? 

I have almost made it to a full week of workouts and eating healthy. Of course, yesterday was my cheat day which did consist of pizza (like every week) but every other day, I have been good. As frustrating as it is sometimes, I have to constantly remind myself that changes don't happen over night and it's going to take some time for this "lifestyle change", especially with me since this whole "eating good" for you is somewhat new to me. Also, my step brother is a personal trainer/nutritionist and he recommended a new product for me to add my already existing long line of products. Ordered it today and I am excited to try it. The reviews are amazing so hopefully it does what it says it does. 

As much as I LOVE the Holiday season, I'm ready for it to be over, not going to lie and NO, I am NOT a grinch. People just get too stressed out over everything when there is no need to. It's not about how many presents you have with your name on it, it's about spending quality time with your family and loved ones and celebrating the "season". 

These two hit the spot ... 

After seeing the movie "The Watch", there is no possible way my brother and I can be in Costco together at the same time. Yes, we're both adults but you cannot watch that movie and then walk into Costco without thinking or repeating any of those lines! If you haven't seen the movie, you will have no idea why I am comparing the two, BUT, you NEED to watch it, it's hilarious. 

Catch y'all next time and have a wonderful weekend :)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

#MealPrepSunday Recipes

I added two new recipes to my usual Sunday meal prep "menu" and I thought I would share with you guys in case any of you are looking for things to add to your menu or just simple things to try throughout the week. Please note: I did not create these recipes myself, I found them through Pinterest and Instagram.


1/2 cup rolled oats
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1/2 cup soymilk (I used almond milk)
1/4 cup brewed coffe, hot or cold (I found this to be too much so I used 1/3 between my two jars)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Add all ingredients together in a bowl or mason jar and stir to mix completely.

Place, covered, in the fridge for at least 3 hours or overnight.

You can add extra soy milk or almond milk in the morning if the mixture is too thick for you.


20g sugar free/fat free pudding mix (any flavour)
20g protein flavour of your choice (I always use chocolate)
1 cup almond milk

Whisk ingredients together and freeze for 30 minutes.

There you have it - two simple, easy and healthy recipes to add. Let me know if you guys have any other recipes I could try out :)

Sunday Currently - Dec 13 v.39

It feels like I haven't posted a TSC in a long time, probably due to the fact that Saturdays at work are long shifts and Sunday's are my "lazy days". Hope everyone had a great weekend. I can't believe this is the last full week before all the Christmas "family parties" start ... well, for me anyways!

Linking up with Siddathornton for todays edition. Are you?

 C U R R E N T L Y ...

READING: Innocent Blood by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell. This is Book #2 is the Order of The Sanguines Trilogy. So far I am impressed. Side note - The Last Days by Adam Nevill is probably one of THE BEST books I have ever read in my life. If you're the type of person that will read anything and everything, this book is for you. I couldn't put it down!

WRITING: This Sunday's edition of TSC 

MUSIC: Song(s) of the moment - Sorry & Love Yourself by Justin Bieber (pains me to say that) and the ENTIRE album Jekyll & Hyde by Zac Brown Band

LISTENING: To the washing machine. I always think I've finished everything and then, nope, forgot about the laundry

GUILTY PLEASURE: I won't lie, the past week was really bad for me. There wasn't just one guilty pleasure, there was a lot, unfortunately

THINKING: That I am going to head into this week with a positive attitude regarding getting to the gym and staying on track with my eating. I lost my motivation last week BIG TIME but I think it's back and I think this will be a good week. Fingers crossed for me

NAIL COLOR: Last weeks color was Over The Edge by Essie. Not too sure what this weeks color will be

DRINK: Decaf orange pekoe tea

FOOD: Haven't really had much to eat yet today. I've been busy meal prepping and getting some things done around the house 

SMELLING: This week, I decided to try turkey instead of chicken and I used Mrs. Dash Taco Seasoning so that's all I am smelling right now - so good!

HOPING: For a good week where I get to the gym at least 5 times, I stay on track with my eating and that I am able to finish my Christmas shopping 100 percent

TV SHOW: I am almost caught up on Blue Bloods and I must say, this current season is probably the best one. I refuse to finish Scream Queens because I don't want it to end. Law & Order SVU - I have come to the conclusion I will have to skip season 6 and go right to 7 because I cannot find 6 anywhere. AND I think I may start with Criminal Minds. Why do I always pick the shows with a million seasons??

WEARING: Pajama pants and a tee shirt 

LOVING: That it is December 13 and we are still in double digit temperatures and there is NO snow and NO winter coat is necessary. I said that to a lady at work the other day and she legit freaked out on me and said "I don't understand you Canadians! If you don't like it, stop bitching and move" UHM excuse me .... 

WISH LIST: For a good week and a great holiday season 

NEEDING: To find other ways to prepare chicken and turkey - anyone?!

BLESSING: Everyone and everything that I have in my life

FEELING: Motivated - not 100% but better than last week where it was almost at 0

CLICKING: Keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: For the family holiday dinners coming up. During the year we are all so busy and we rarely have time to sit down at dinners with everyone or even catch up with things. It's nice to have everyone together where we aren't in a rush to get things done because we all have plans or somewhere to go. AND since I haven't had a Christmas at home in a few years, it will be extra nice

Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday. If you've been reading, or just joining, all you had to do is post about five random things from your week. As always, I link up with A Liz Adventure every week, so if you guys are looking for some new blogs to read and/or follow, that would be the place to go.

During one of my posts this week (or last, can't remember!), I mentioned something about starting and finishing my Christmas shopping this week. Well, I am about 90% finished! I couldn't sleep yesterday so I was up at the crack of dawn and thought I would try to avoid the lines and ventured into the malls. They weren't too bad to be honest and I was able to pick up the majority of bigger things that I needed to get. The few last things I will pick up sometime this week, but they're just small and simple add ons. How's everyones shopping going - all done or haven't started?

It wouldn't be Christmas shopping if we didn't treat ourselves to something, right?! I have been wanting the Lost Ocean colouring book even before it came out. I thought now would be the best time to pick it up - and it was ON SALE! Perfect timing. I started it last night and it's going to take me some time, that's for sure. I have one more book to collect and I will have Johanna Bamford's entire collection thus far. 

CAUTION: BEGIN RANT: The other day while browsing my social media feeds,  I came across a post that was comparing the body images of Victoria's Secret Models and bodybuilding ladies. People were making comments about what "type" they think is sexier. Seeing this definitely upset me and made me a little frustrated. There should NEVER be a "vs" or a comparison regarding anything. If you have an IG account or Twitter, you see posts on an hourly and daily basis of people in the gym working out and/or eating their healthy meals. It makes you feel guilty that you didn't go to the gym that day or may have had something else for dinner. People will NEVER be satisfied with themselves if that is all they are bombarded with. Am I guilty of looking into the mirror and not being happy, absolutely. But I go to the gym and TRY to eat healthy because I want to better myself so that I, MYSELF, am happy. Not so I can fit the mould of what society thinks is "sexy". I'm also not going to beat myself up over not going to the gym or having pizza for dinner, that's for sure. We need to STOP all this comparing and help people realize they are beautiful just the way they are. Love yourself for YOU and for the people who don't or try to change you - there's the door. RANT OVER

It's the middle of December, no winter coats, temperatures above 50. Is this a dream? NOPE! And I am loving every minute of it. 


Enjoy your weekend and be sure to stop by on Sunday for the weekend's edition of TSC. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

So What Wednesday [14]

Welcome to Wednesday aka my FRIDAY! I cannot wait to have two days off, I definitely need them. 

This week, I'm saying SO WHAT if ....

➡ I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. I plan on starting AND finishing it either tomorrow or Friday. Wish me luck! 

➡ I have been getting to the gym at least five days a week but I still feel like I am in a rut. I think it's just the time of year.

➡ I didn't watch the VS Fashion Show like every girl last night. Even if I was at home and able to watch it, I still wouldn't. AND to be honest, I am sick of seeing posts about it. 

➡ I am LOVING the weather we are having! Double digit temperatures ... YES PLEASE!

➡ I have come to terms with the fact that I will be an old cat lady! Haha well, hopefully not. I started talking to someone who was two years younger than me and I gave him the benefit of the doubt because age is just a number. OH GOOD LORD - talk about needy, possessive and clingy! STAGE 5 No doubt!! I tried, but I just couldn't and now, I just feel like giving up again. That's okay though .. I can focus on myself and my goals! 

What are you saying SO WHAT to this Wednesday?

Friday, December 4, 2015

Five on Friday

Cheers to the freakin' weekend and to another edition of FOF. I hope everyone had a great week, mine went by pretty fast. What does everyone have planned for this weekend?

Linking up with A Liz Adventures for this Friday's edition - join in :)

This is my first Holiday season at home in a while and I forgot just how much I despise holiday traffic and going into any major store. I had to stop into Wal Mart today and it was worse than a Saturday. It seems like everyone forgets how to drive and navigate through a store during this time of year. I haven't started my Christmas shopping and after today, I'm tempted to be like "Okay, ya'll are getting IOU's and sometime in February we'll go shopping". I can do that right? haha 

Picked up some new books yesterday after finishing the last three in about two weeks. I started reading Last Days by Adam Nevill and I CANNOT put it down. Usually, I watch a show before I head to bed, but last night, one episode and I was like nope, have to continue reading!

Anyone else addicted to Scream Queens and isn't embarrassed to admit it?

Friday's mean cheat day and this is something I look forward to ALL damn week. I was good with the gym, maybe not 100% with eating, but we all slip up sometimes. Last week, was Chinese and tonight I think is pizza and wings. I have been CRAAVVIINNGGGG pizza and wings lately like no ones business so I'm excited. 

Saw this on Twitter this morning and it could not be more accurate. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

So What Wednesday [13]

Sorry I'm posting this on Thursday, just became a little sidetracked. Better late than never right?

This week, I'm saying SO WHAT if ... 

➜ I am ADDICTED to Scream Queens! I didn't think I would like the show, but let's be honest, LOVED IT!

➜ I still have no idea if I want to go back out for another contract or stay home. Staying home seems like the easier thing to do, but, totally bored!

➜ I came home from work and colored instead of going to the gym. I woke up in a fowl mood, work made it worse and I just wanted to come home, put comfortable clothes on and tune the world out through coloring. Oh well, one day off from the gym won't hurt. Back at it tomorrow ... 

➜ I actually like the song Sorry  .... 

➜ I have two advent calendars going right now. Oops. 

What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Currently - Nov 30 v.38

Sorry this post is a little late - just finished my workout, which was a GREAT one! I discovered a new machine and I am IN LOVE! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and for those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving last Thursday, I hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends. 

Linking up with Siddathornton for this Sunday's edition of TSC. 

C U R R E N T L Y 

READING: Lost Girls by Andrew Pyper - almost finished and it's definitely a lot better than the previous book of his I read. 

WRITING: This edition os TSC

MUSIC:  Song(s) of the moment - Levels by Nick Jonas, Confident by Demi Lovato and Cut You Down by Johnny Cash (from Gotham)

LISTENING: To whatever my dad is watching on tv and I really have no idea what it is, all I hear is prenup this prenup that AND the washing machine.

GUILTY PLEASURE: So for the last week, I would have to say my GP was Chinese food. 

THINKING: I am excite to really get back into my routine again. Since we happen to be in the season of Lent, I think this year I am going to give up all my bad habits and REALLY stick to my workout and clean eating. Yes, I will still have my cheat day  but I am going to give this an actual try. I am also looking forward to the Holiday season and everything that comes with it :) 

NAIL COLOR: Nothing right now - last week's color was Opening Night by Sephora by OPI

DRINK: Fitmiss Protein Shake - it was a lot better than I thought it would be

FOOD: I had fish for dinner 

SMELLING: Laundry & the Christmas tree. We put it up a week ago and it still smells so nice in the house. 

HOPING: For a wonderful holiday season

TV SHOW: I've been watching Blue Bloods lately BUT I think I am going to give Scream Queens a try tonight and see what everyone is talking about. 

WEARING: Pajama pants and a hoodie - what else is new?

LOVING: That I had a great workout today!

WISH LIST: For another week without snow! 

NEEDING:  To find new and exciting ways to eat turkey and chicken - anyone??

BLESSING: Everyone in my life

FEELING: Motivated - which is odd

CLICKING: They keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: I would have to say for the Holidays AND that a few good movies are coming out soon. UHM, has anyone seen the previews for Daddy's Home ... HELLO half naked Mark Wahlberg, YEAH I'll be there thanks! Hahah

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll catch ya next time :)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Currently - Nov 22 v.37

I cannot believe it is the 22nd of November already, my goodness! Happy Sunday everyone, hope your weekend has been a good one. Mine was very busy as my birthday was on Thursday so it was full of birthday celebrations and dinner AND we got our Christmas tree as well. I haven't been home for my birthday or Christmas in two years so it was definitely interesting and different. 

Linking up with Siddathornton for today's edition.

C U R R E N T L Y 

READING: Lost Girls by Andrew Pyper. I finished The Demonologist in two days, I love this author. I wasn't too happy with the way The Demonologist ended, but nonetheless, it was a good book. 

WRITING: This edition os TSC

MUSIC:  Song(s) of the moment - When We Were Young by Adele and Confident by Demi Lovato.  I listened to Demi's album Confident and this girl has some major talent, I was SO impressed. 

LISTENING: To Home Alone - this is probably my favorite Christmas movie, even though I do watch it year round, just like Hocus Pocus.

GUILTY PLEASURE: So with this weekend by my birthday, it was FULL of guilty pleasures and cheat meals. 

THINKING: I am excited to see how the Fitmiss products work. I received my package on Friday but I wanted to wait until all the birthday dinners were over with to actually start them and start back on my routine. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about them, so I am definitely excited :) 


DRINK: Decaf orange pekoe tea

FOOD: LeanShake for lunch 

SMELLING: Laundry - how does someone accumulate so much?

HOPING: For a wonderful holiday season

TV SHOW: Law and Order SVU and tomorrow is the season finale of Cursed: The Bell Witch. Yes, I am  a sucker for these types of shows, I just can't help it. My brother makes fun of me all the time for believing in that stuff.

WEARING: Jordan sweatpants and a hoodie 

LOVING: That I was able to get a new Ipod today (my old one doesn't shut off so it is a MAJOR pain in the rear end) and that my Fitmiss products came in. SIDE NOTE: If anyone is looking for a great website that offers fitness and health products at a REASONABLE price, try I was able to get the entire fitmiss product line for less than other websites that package it together AND shipped in a day - yes please!

WISH LIST: For a good week getting back into my routine

NEEDING:  To set up my new iPod

BLESSING: Everyone in my life

FEELING: Motivated - which is odd

CLICKING: They keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: To see how my products work! Sorry that I keep mentioning it, I'm just really excited and determined.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and here's to hoping the snow stays away for another week!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So What Wednesday [12]

Does anyone else think this week is going by fast? Maybe because it's my birthday week I'm finding that it's speeding by. 

This week, I'm saying SO WHAT if ... 

➜ We haven't had any snow yet. Usually around my birthday we get at least one snow fall, but this year, nothing. I am DEFINITELY NOT complaining. It can stay away as long as it likes. 

➜ I am taking this week "off" from the gym and eating plan. I mean, it's my birthday week so you know cheat meals are bound to happen.

➜ I have an unhealthy addiction to sour skittles and coloring.

➜ I have a major girl crush on this girl and think her new album is on POINT

➜ I am SUPER EXCITED to get into my Fitmiss stack!! It was delivered today but no one was home to sign for it - which is THE worst. Now, I have to head over to the post office tomorrow and pick it up. That's okay, I've heard nothing but positive reviews and I am SO ready to step it up! #LetsDoThis

➜ I am missing 90% of ship life right now. Ugh, knew this would happen. 

➜ I spend Monday night's watching The Bell Witch on A&E. 

➜ I am looking forward to some birthday dinner and celebrations this week and weekend! 

What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Tuesday morning ...


I have an unhealthy addiction to coloring and sour skittles. Just saying ... 


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Currently - Nov 15 v. 36

Happy Sunday everyone - hope it was a great one. I've been feeling a little but under the weather the last few weeks and I would LOVE for whatever it is to take a hike but it isn't getting the message. 

Linking up with Siddathornton for this Sunday's edition of TSC. 

C U R R E N T L Y 

READING: The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper

WRITING: This edition os TSC

MUSIC:  Song(s) of the moment - Hello by Adele

LISTENING: To some random movie called House, found it on Crackle 

GUILTY PLEASURE: Sour skittles - I legit have an unhealthy addiction to these things. 

THINKING: About what I am going to have for dinner


DRINK: Decaf orange pekoe tea

FOOD: Nothing .. my appetite hasn't been normal lately


HOPING: For my package from to arrive as soon as possible

TV SHOW: Still making my way through Law & Order SVU but I am having the most difficult time trying to find Season 6 anywhere. Do any of you know a good streaming site?? 

WEARING: Pajama pants, tee and a hoodie - my Sunday staple outfit 

LOVING: That my birthday is this week which means I am in for some birthday celebrations this week :)

WISH LIST: For a good week 

NEEDING:  To get back into my gym routine ASAP. I was really sick with the stomach flu last week and even though that's gone, still seems that something is lingering :(

BLESSING: Everyone in my life

FEELING: Tiredddd......

CLICKING: They keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: For some birthday celebrations!

Hope you all have a wonderful week =)