Friday, December 4, 2015

Five on Friday

Cheers to the freakin' weekend and to another edition of FOF. I hope everyone had a great week, mine went by pretty fast. What does everyone have planned for this weekend?

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This is my first Holiday season at home in a while and I forgot just how much I despise holiday traffic and going into any major store. I had to stop into Wal Mart today and it was worse than a Saturday. It seems like everyone forgets how to drive and navigate through a store during this time of year. I haven't started my Christmas shopping and after today, I'm tempted to be like "Okay, ya'll are getting IOU's and sometime in February we'll go shopping". I can do that right? haha 

Picked up some new books yesterday after finishing the last three in about two weeks. I started reading Last Days by Adam Nevill and I CANNOT put it down. Usually, I watch a show before I head to bed, but last night, one episode and I was like nope, have to continue reading!

Anyone else addicted to Scream Queens and isn't embarrassed to admit it?

Friday's mean cheat day and this is something I look forward to ALL damn week. I was good with the gym, maybe not 100% with eating, but we all slip up sometimes. Last week, was Chinese and tonight I think is pizza and wings. I have been CRAAVVIINNGGGG pizza and wings lately like no ones business so I'm excited. 

Saw this on Twitter this morning and it could not be more accurate. 

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