Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday. If you've been reading, or just joining, all you had to do is post about five random things from your week. As always, I link up with A Liz Adventure every week, so if you guys are looking for some new blogs to read and/or follow, that would be the place to go.

During one of my posts this week (or last, can't remember!), I mentioned something about starting and finishing my Christmas shopping this week. Well, I am about 90% finished! I couldn't sleep yesterday so I was up at the crack of dawn and thought I would try to avoid the lines and ventured into the malls. They weren't too bad to be honest and I was able to pick up the majority of bigger things that I needed to get. The few last things I will pick up sometime this week, but they're just small and simple add ons. How's everyones shopping going - all done or haven't started?

It wouldn't be Christmas shopping if we didn't treat ourselves to something, right?! I have been wanting the Lost Ocean colouring book even before it came out. I thought now would be the best time to pick it up - and it was ON SALE! Perfect timing. I started it last night and it's going to take me some time, that's for sure. I have one more book to collect and I will have Johanna Bamford's entire collection thus far. 

CAUTION: BEGIN RANT: The other day while browsing my social media feeds,  I came across a post that was comparing the body images of Victoria's Secret Models and bodybuilding ladies. People were making comments about what "type" they think is sexier. Seeing this definitely upset me and made me a little frustrated. There should NEVER be a "vs" or a comparison regarding anything. If you have an IG account or Twitter, you see posts on an hourly and daily basis of people in the gym working out and/or eating their healthy meals. It makes you feel guilty that you didn't go to the gym that day or may have had something else for dinner. People will NEVER be satisfied with themselves if that is all they are bombarded with. Am I guilty of looking into the mirror and not being happy, absolutely. But I go to the gym and TRY to eat healthy because I want to better myself so that I, MYSELF, am happy. Not so I can fit the mould of what society thinks is "sexy". I'm also not going to beat myself up over not going to the gym or having pizza for dinner, that's for sure. We need to STOP all this comparing and help people realize they are beautiful just the way they are. Love yourself for YOU and for the people who don't or try to change you - there's the door. RANT OVER

It's the middle of December, no winter coats, temperatures above 50. Is this a dream? NOPE! And I am loving every minute of it. 


Enjoy your weekend and be sure to stop by on Sunday for the weekend's edition of TSC. 

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