Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Currently - Feb 22 v.22

Happy Sunday everyone! This is my first edition of TSC at home - that's right, I am HOME from my second contract out at sea!! I'm only home for six days and then I am heading out for an actual vacation, which I am so excited about because I am able to relax in the sun and not have to worry about work or anything! I will be writing a post about my second contract later on today .. but now, for this edition of TSC ... 


READING: Gone Girl - half way through and already I'm saying WHAT?!

WRITING: This edition of TSC

MUSIC: Never Get To Heaven by Sarah Blaine 

LISTENING: To the sound of silence

GUILTY PLEASURE: Oh where do I begin? I would have to say the greek yogurt dip jalapeƱo flavour

THINKING: That it is way too cold and there is way too much snow!!

NAIL COLOR: Nothing at the moment 



FOOD: Craving Chinese at the moment .... 

HOPING: That everything works out for the best in the next few weeks and that my actual vacation goes well and that I enjoy myself -- which, I'm sure I will

TV SHOW: I may or may not be a little too excited to bing watch season 5 of Pretty Little Liars. I have waited 6.5 months to continue on with the show and I started last night and only made it through two episodes because I was so tired. Tonight, however, it's GO time

WEARING: Pajama pants and a hoodie - I missed wearing pyjamas all day

LOVING: The fact that I get to take an actual vacation in the sun and relax for two weeks

WISH LIST: For NO snow and warm weather

NEEDING: To finish this never ending laundry 

BLESSING: Everyone and everything in my life

FEELING: Tired - it's a little difficult adjusting to sleeping at home when you first get home 

CLICKING: Keyboard

EXCITEMENT: Va-cay-tion!!! 

Keep an eye out for my post about my contract later on today! :)

Enjoy your Sunday

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