Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday v5 - Orlando Edition

Greetings from Orlando & welcome to the weekend!!

An easy going day turned out to be quite stressful for me. I am more nervous for this contract than I was for my first contract and I have no idea why! The first half of my day was great. No traffic on the way to the airport, checked in and upgraded my seat in seconds and the best part, the guy let me go through WITHOUT weighing my bags! It was the first time I flew WestJet and they were ON POINT! The flight was a little bumpy but I did get to watch the movie Blended through the flight which was great. Thennnn my day turned around, for the worse. As I was on the shuttle on my way to the hotel, I received a phone call telling me I was unable to join my assigned ship tomorrow due to scheduling issues! I was gutted. I was so excited to be joining this brand new ship with awesome ports and an awesome team. After a few phone calls, emails and tears, I think a plan is finally laid out. As of now, I am staying at the hotel until Monday (yay for two extra sleep in days!) and then they are going to fly me to St. Thomas to join the Liberty. Once the scheduling issue is fixed on the other ship that I was supposed to join, they will send me back. I am hoping it gets resolved ASAP!

Anyways, back to todays OHF post! I am linking up with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife.

Mocha almond butter from Monkey Butter .. where have you been all my life??

It's been such a busy week, here I am on a Friday night at 8:50 ready for bed. Well, actually I was ready for bed at like 6:00 .... 

My newest addiction!

As I was packing and getting things ready for today, I thought to myself "why did you fall in love with a job that requires ALL this"? I am very close with my family and there's no better feeling than coming home to a comfortable and inviting living room and watching a movie or tv show. And cuddles with my kittens doesn't hurt either. Aside from that, I hate packing and I hate flying and it takes me a while to get used to being away from home. I would fall in love with a job that required me to be away and only home a month a half out of the year. That requires me to try and pack my life into suitcases and to fly! I guess it's the days where I'm sitting on the beach or swimming in the ocean that makes up for it. 

How cute are these little guys??

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