Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Currently - February 7 v.42

Welcome to one of the best days of the year! Well, it used to be anyways ... my team isn't in the Superbowl this year (New England) and I don't even think I will be watching it for the commercials. The Perfect Storm is on TV anyways and for some reason, movies are always better when they're on live tv instead of being chosen from a library of movies. 

C U R R E N T L Y ...

READING: Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray .. Book #2 in The Diviners series. I enjoyed The Diviners much more than I thought I would. If you're looking for a good read, give these two a try. 

WRITING: This Sunday's edition of TSC and lists of things I need to purchase to finish up my room. 

MUSIC: Song(s) of the moment - Perfect by One Direction and Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez

LISTENING: To the television .. currently watching The Lost Boys until The Perfect Storm comes on.

GUILTY PLEASURE: This past week I would have to say A&W. It's been so long since I have had anything from there and I was heading out after work and it was about 1:00 am and of course, drive thru's are the only thing open at that time and thought why not. SOOOO goood. 

THINKING: That there is something seriously wrong with guys these days. Number one - When a girl asks you why you're into her, PLEASE don't let the first reason out of your mouth be "because you're fucking hot". Number two - What makes you think it's a good idea to say "we haven't talked in a few months, but I still like you, so let's go out" and then get pissed off when you're shot down ... Seriously, what?


DRINK: Nice cup of hot chocolate 

FOOD: Dinner today will be some homemade stew. My dad is such a good cook and he makes THE BEST stew .. can't wait!

SMELLING: Nothing at all

HOPING: I can get my lazy butt back into the gym. It's definitely been way too long but honestly, my energy and motivation has all be shot to hell

TV SHOW: Still working on Law & Order SVU and let me just say, I do NOT like it one bit without Det. Stabler. I thought something was going to happen between him and Det. Bensen and then bam, take him out of the show. WHAT? WHY? .... Also, still working on The X Files ... I've missed that show

WEARING: Pajama pants, tee shirt and a hoodie

LOVING: That I was able to set up my make up vanity/dresser .. I am IN LOVE. I love having a place where everything is  in one spot and not all over my room. Now, I just have to get into my closet, clean it out and reorganized and my room will be done. AND, I think I found my HG's of hiding my hideous dark under eye circles!

WISH LIST: For a great week and to be able to get back into my workout routine

NEEDING: To do laundry and still get rid of a ton of clothes 

BLESSING: Everyone and everything that I have in my life

FEELING: A little down today .. just haven't been feeling myself lately

CLICKING: Keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: My dad has been planning a family vacation since we haven't been on one in quite a few years and he either wants to go out West, Vegas or do some traveling around the New York City area .. I vote for NYC. 

Enjoy your Sunday and if you're throwing or attending a Superbowl party, have fun and be safe! :) 

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