Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Making it up"

I've never really been the kind of girl to wear make up. I HATED it when I was younger because of dance and cheerleading. Throughout high school up until now, I've always been a foundation/concealer/mascara and away I go kinda gal. However, working on ships, I was able to "expand" a little for elegant nights. Having a roommate who was really into it helped as well. Now that I am at home, I miss it. Hence my newest and probably worst addiction. It also doesn't help Sephora is a 5 minute drive from my house. 

You saw the haul I made a week or so ago but I ordered the Smashbox #Shapematters palette .. SO EXCITED. I've been keeping my eye on their contour palette because I've wanted to try that technique for a while now. I also thought of dabbling in the eye shadow area as well. I was debating on whether or not I wanted to purchase their contour palette and the UD Naked2 palette .. AND THEN ... I found this 3-in-1 palette for way less than both. It has your brow contour, face contour and 12 different eyeshadows. Yup, couldn't resist. 

Once I get the package in the mail, I'm sure I'll be writing ALL about it. I also used my points for a "They're real" sample kit. I've had my eye on their mascara as well so thought why not, didn't cost me anything. Just ONE of the many perks of Sephora. 

Write soon,

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