Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Sunday Currently - August 18 v.1

This is my first Sunday Currently post - hopefully one of many. I think it's interesting to complete and read what others are "currently" doing. I found this version from two blogs and I decided since it was my first entry that I would combine both - it's okay to do that right? Hope so, if not, my apologies. 
Today hasn't been too exciting. I didn't sleep too well last night - stupid stomach ache and headache! I've just cleaned up a bit and have some more laundry to get done - and that's my Sunday. Exciting huh? It's nice to relax a bit when I have to work the next few days and honestly, whenever I am working, it seems that nothing gets accomplished around the house. 

C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .  

Reading: "Orange is the new Black" by Piper Kerman and "Crazy, Sexy, Diet" by Kriss Carr. I started and finished the show Orange is the new Black on Netflix and I absolutely loved it. I found it ended a little abruptly for my liking, but I think I'm just saying that because apparently I have to wait until 2014 for new episodes. Which, if you think about it, isn't that far away. Great book & great show! Crazy, Sexy, Diet I picked up after hearing about it from a friend. It's not just a diet book that has recipes and tells you what you should and shouldn't be eating. It's more about the whole picture - your attitude, your thoughts and yes, pros/cons of certain foods. I have actually learned quite a bit so far and it has opened my eyes on things that I never really would have noticed otherwise. 

Writing: This blog - my first entry of Sunday Currently

Music: I'm not listening to any music, however, my iPod has a wide range of music from country, to the Great Gatsby Soundtrack (which is GREAT by the way!), to songs you hear on the radio. I always surprise people when they hear my music - I guess I have always been pegged as a country fan. 

Listening: While writing this I am watching "The Wolfman" with Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. There is a poor movie selection on TV for a Sunday. 

Guilty Pleasure: Double chocolately chip frapps, from Starbucks! It seems that I have to somehow make my way to a Starbucks every other time I am out. It also doesn't help that they have built two new ones very close to my house in the last few months - one being a drive thru!

Thinking: I'm thinking about a lot actually and that's probably why I couldn't sleep very well last night. I'm waiting on approval for something and if things are approved, my life could be changing for the better but in a huge way. I'm thinking what needs to be done if things are approved, what happens if they aren't approved, am I making the right decision with everything etc .... My mind never rests. 

Nail color: Cab Fare - Sephora by O.P.I. I have an obsession and addiction with nail polish and having my nails colored. I change them up every week and every time I seem to go to Wal-Mart, Target or any store that sells polish, I HAVE to make a stop by that section. 

Smelling: Nothing

Drink: Decaf orange pekoe tea. I tend to stay away from caffeine as much as I can. 

Wishing: That I heard about this "approval/non-approval" soon so I know what is going on and so I know where my head needs to be at.

Food: Strawberry greek yogurt

Hoping: See Wishing.

TV Show: I have started to watch the new 90210 on NetFlix and as typical as the show may be, I just can't stop watching it. 

Wearing: Pajama pants from La Senza, cheerleading competition tee and a comfortable Dickies sweater. My typical wardrobe when I'm not feeling well and I am not embarrassed to say otherwise. 

Loving: The fact that I have three more double shifts and then I am off to Toronto for an overnight and off for a few days from work. 

Wish list: A pair of Jimmy Choo's and Jeffrey Campbell's that I found online the other day. I have NEVER in my life been so in love with a pair of shoes than I am right now with the Choo's! I literally screamed out loud. But on a more practical level - to continue eating healthier like I have been and to continue losing weight like I have been.

Wanting: A GOOD sleep!!

Needing: To finish my laundry 

Blessing: That I am able to have everything that I have in my life and that I may be able to take on an adventure to last a lifetime. 

Feeling: Tired and like crap from not sleeping last night and this stupid stomach ache that NEEDS to go away!

Clicking: The keys as I am trying to finish this entry.

Excitement: That there are four days until one of the best days of the year - The CNE 2013. Every year since I can remember, my parents used to take my brother and I to the CNE every summer before school started. It's now a family tradition that has turned into who can eat the most outrageous thing from the food building to who can win the biggest prize. It's a lot of fun and my brother and I both look forward to it every summer. This year, it's apparently the year of the "Kronut" which is a Krispy Kreme doghnut burger - yes, I dared my brother to eat one! This year we'll be spending the night in Toronto - which we don't always get to do between the three of us having to book days off work - but I'm looking forward to that as well since I LOVE hotels! 

Well, there is my first entry for Sunday Currently. It took a little longer than I thought, but maybe it was because I combined two versions I found. However, it was actually really fun and I am looking forward to completing more entries!

Happy Sunday Everyone! :)


  1. I just found out Orange is the New Black is a book (watched it all on Netflix in a week, lol) and I need to read it ASAP! The Crazy, Sexy, Diet book sounds interesting too - I'm always up for diet books with recipes I will probably never make, ha!


  2. Hey Jess - thanks for taking the time to read my post. It didn't take me very long to finish the show either haha The book has a lot more detail the show and I am having a hard time putting it down. It will be nice to finish the book and know the whole story before the next season comes out. Your thoughts on the diet recipes are my exact thoughts too haha! It's a vegetarian diet book and unfortunately, I do not make a good vegetarian but I am learning a lot more so far! Two books well worth buying! I look forward to reading more of your blog and feel free to follow back if you'd like :)
    Enjoy your week!