Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Sunday Currently - August 25 v.2

After a very long and fun weekend, Sunday is upon us again. It's funny how when you're looking forward to something the week goes by so quickly. When you don't have anything exciting coming up, the week seems to go by so slowly. Well, another Sunday means another Sunday Currently.

Reading: I'm still on the same two books I was on last week - Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman and Crazy, Sexy, Diet by Kris Carr. I haven't had much time the last little while to continue on with them, so for now, I am still on those two. 

Writing: This edition of Sunday Currently. I've also been writing a lot of "to-do" and "to-buy" lists lately. It seems that my mind is elsewhere and having these lists have come in handy. 

Music: My current "song of the moment" would have to be Wake Me Up by Avicii.

Listening: To the movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on TV.

Guilty Pleasure: This week/weekend, my guilty pleasure has been a lot of fair food and treats. We went to the CNE on Friday and of course, it's a little difficult for me to pass up on some goodies that I wouldn't normally eat. This time at the CNE, I was defeated by the biggest portion of funnel cake I have ever seen, indulged in a red velvet cupcake and some candy. Needless to say, back on to the "eating healthy" track. 

Thinking: About what I am going to make for dinner tonight. 

Nail Color: Shake your $$ Maker by Essie
Smelling: The laundry that is being done in the house. 

Drink: Decaf orange pekoe tea.

Wishing: The summer didn't go by so fast and that I hear something about my hopefully soon to be exciting adventure. 

Food: Not eating anything at the moment.

Hoping: That I hear something soon.

TV Show: Still continuing on with 90210. I'm hooked!

Wearing: Capris pajama pants from La Senza and a dance t-shirt.

Loving: That I have the week off and the majority of next week off as well. 

Wish List: A pair of low rise white Converse running shoes. 

Wanting: The summer to continue on.

Needing: To clean my room. It always seems to be clean and then every time I need to find something to wear, it becomes a mess again.

Blessing: That I was able to do what I did on the weekend with my family.

Feeling: Content, a little under the weather, but content. 

Clicking: The keys on my keyboard.

Excitement: That hopefully SOON I will be receiving the email that I have been waiting for. 

Nothing too exciting in this edition. Maybe next Sunday there will be more news! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and your week! :)

Sarah xox

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