Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Currently - April 19 v.27

Another Sunday is here and "the sun is shining, I'm positive"; that's right! I was fortunate enough to have another Saturday and Sunday off but that's only going to last for about two more weeks and then my days off will be Wednesday and Thursday. Here's to another good week, hopefully :)


READINGDark Places by Gillian Flynn - I started brining it with me to work so I can read it on my lunch break. Makes the hour go by faster

WRITING: This edition of TSC

MUSIC: Song(s) of the moment - Honey, I'm good by Adam Grammer and Come With Me - The Kongos

LISTENING:  Deep Blue Sea 

GUILTY PLEASURE:  This week, double chocolately chip frapp from Starbucks

THINKING: I have taken two days off from the gym this week and my days don't feel complete without. Never thought I would be saying that.

NAIL COLOR: Not sure what color I'm going to wear this week but I am thinking something nice and bright!

SMELLING: My ginger peach tea

DRINK: Ginger peach tea

 I made these amazing banana muffins this morning which I think I will be making every Sunday from now on. The recipe is so easy and all they contain are: oats, almond milk, unsweetened apple sauce, bananas, vanilla and cinnamon. They are perfect for an on-the-go snack, pre or post workout and for dessert.

HOPING: That I am able to see Fast and Furious 7 or True Story this week and for a good week at work and in the gym

TV SHOW: Still working my way through Season 8 of Bones.

WEARING: Comfortable pajama pants and my Jacksonville, FL hoodie

LOVING: That I made it through week two of clean eating and being in the gym. It may not seem like much for me, this is a good thing. I usually don't last longer than a week but this time I am feeling much better about this and I am keeping my positive attitude. I know I won't see any results for a while, but any progress is better than nothing

WISH LIST: For a full day of sleep

NEEDING: To finish the laundry and continue prepping meals for the week

BLESSING: Everyone and everything in my life

FEELING: A little bit on the tired side today. Yesterday it seemed like everything hit me all at once and I felt absolutely exhausted both physically and mentally.

CLICKING: Keyboard

EXCITEMENT:  To get back into the gym tomorrow - again, weird, I know!

Enjoy your week everyone! :)

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