Friday, August 5, 2016

five on friday.

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48 days until Fall. As much as I love the summer and everything that comes along with it, I'm over it, and ready for the Fall.

Since it's August, it means that I can now start using my Kate Spade Agenda! I usually purchase a Lilly Pulizter agenda, but this year I felt like switching it up. I was also looking into an Erin Codren planner, but for some reason, the Kate Spade kept coming back to me. It was between the one pictured below or the black/white "Sephora looking" one annddddd I went with this one ... 

I wasn't even going to post this but it made me laugh SO hard, I just can't help it. Does anyone else watch MTV's Scream? If you do, than you'll understand. If you don't, it pretty much follows the movies Scream but in a tv show format. Anyway, just had an Unknown call me and all that ran through my mind was the show! Oh goodness ...

In the last few days, there have been a certain number of situations that have made me test my patience and then I ran across this ... 

I know everyone and anyone is probably talking about this this week, so I apologize, but I just need to FINALLY say my opinion, since I haven't yet .... Does anyone else NOT like the new IG story feature? It takes me long enough to go through my SC feed, then I go to IG and it takes about an hour more to go through those. Think we just need to stick to one social media platform and stop trying to make everything the same. For me, I'm pro SC 100%. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Let me know of any fun and exciting plans :)

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