Wednesday, August 3, 2016

hyc day 06.


Aside from it being very muggy and hot, today was an alright day. My legs are still killing me and it kept me up last night, so I'm a bit tired today. First on my agenda was stopping at the bank, which took forever! There used to be 3 branches within this side of town, and now they only have ONE! WHY? Do they not realize how many people live in this city that bank with these people? The line up was literally out the door. Anyways, moving on .. next up was stopping into work to sign a few papers and then I ventured over to Chapters & Starbucks. I needed to pick up a new 2017 agenda and I fell in love with a beautiful Kate Spade agenda - so happy! Next ... Costco. They were slacking on the samples today haha ... After that, went to Sobey's and then home. A lot of running around today and now I am done and ready to relax for the night, MAY get my butt to the gym and then catch up on Scream and maybe watch a movie or two. 

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