Friday, November 11, 2016

five on friday.

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Here in Canada, it is Remembrance Day and in the US, it's Veteran's Day. So, now matter where you are,  THANK YOU, as we owe so much to those who have protected our freedom, in the past and currently. 

Turned on a radio station today and they're playing Christmas music. Am I the only one that thinks it might be a BIT too early for the music? Not that I don't enjoy Christmas music, it's just by the Christmas is actually here, I am over all the music.

I have FALLEN IN LOVE with this workout program. Usually I am one that just sticks with the gym, but the last few days I haven't really felt like bringing myself to the gym BUT that is no excuse. If you have access to Beachbody On Demand than you can do some of these workouts. This is one an MMA style with a lot of punching and kicking. Doesn't sound like a lot but OMG, I am drenched and SO sore after these workouts. I never thought I would enjoy a workout video so much. I think I might look into purchasing the entire program as a Christmas gift for myself. 

Red Cup Season is back and I am excited to see all the different designs they have this year. I think that idea is wonderful!

Received my contract for my new job the other day (not sure if I've already talked about this, sorry if I have). Definitely getting excited & ready for this!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! :)

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