Sunday, November 20, 2016

sunday currently - nov 20 v.56

 C U R R E N T L Y ...

READING: I have been reading a lot of training material for work. I don't think my mind can absorb anymore

WRITING: This edition of The Sunday Currently

MUSIC: Song(s) of the moment - Starving by Hailee Steinfeld

LISTENING: Current song on the shuttle is T Shirt by Thomas Rhett

GUILTY PLEASURE: Oh goodness, this week was BAD since it was my birthday week. Between Beechwood Doughnuts, Willow Cakes pastries and ice cream cake, I don't think I could eat another baked good years! 

THINKING: That since my birthday week is over, I can get back to focusing on my routine! It was nice to have the week off and not have to worry so much, but I am ready to get back to it

NAIL COLOR: Rare Ruby by Maybelline

DRINK: Nothing right now but I just finished a diet Dr. Pepper with dinner

FOOD: Just finished dinner which was pasta and meatballs

SMELLING: A candle my brother is burning and it smells like a Christmas tree

HOPING: For a great first full week of work. We had two days of training last week and the team is really great. There is only 6 of us, if you count the Manager, so it will be nice to work with a small team

TV SHOW: I am on the final season of 3rd Rock From The Sun

WEARING: Pajama pants and a tee shirt.

LOVING: That I had an AMAZING birthday week and weekend

WISH LIST: For my motivation to come back 100%

NEEDING: To finally start meal prepping again. For some strange reason, I miss it

BLESSING: Everyone and everything in my life.

FEELING: Like I could not eat another baked good even if you paid me haha

CLICKING: Keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: We are heading to the Toronto Christmas market on the weekend and I have heard wonderful things about it

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