Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday - v.10

Hope everyone enjoyed their first day of November. Now that Halloween is over, I guess it's full swing into Christmas. I don't which is worse - the day after Halloween or the day after Christmas.

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O N E -- I finished up my last weekend and work and as I am sitting here writing this, it feels a little weird being home on a Friday night. My last shift was on Wednesday and afterwards, the group threw me a surprise going away party! It was so nice to see everyone there and I was so thankful for the party and for the lovely gift they were able to get me. I thought I would make it through my last shift without any tears and I was almost out of the door until one of my bosses came running out with the card I gave her. I knew why she was trying to find me and as soon as I saw her tears, then I started. I mean, the last six years these guys have been my second family. I will definitely miss each and every one of them!

T W O -- Halloween! This was the first year in a very long time that I did not dress up. Usually I work Halloween night and we dress up and then go out but this was the first year we didn't have a show and I was just so exhausted from running around all weekend, I just stayed home and had a horror movie marathon!

T H R E E -- My Free People O Maya Maxi came in sooner than expected!! It was a great way to start of this week. To my surprise, it fit great! It will have to be shortened, of course, but other than that, very impressed!

F O U R -- I FINALLY FOUND THEM!! I was on the hunt for these babies for a long time and then I was walking passed an aisle at Wal Mart and bam! there they were!! Best thing since sliced bread!! Next up, sugar cookie!

F I V E -- 

Enjoy your weekend!

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