Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Things I'm Not Good At

Some recent events have inspired me to write this blog entitled ....

Remembering things!! In the last few days I have managed to lose 300$ worth of medication (glad I didn't have to pay for it!) and my health card. Luckily, I found the medication but I had no luck with the health card. Usually I am pretty good with remembering things, but lately, I have started to worry myself about the state of "memory"!

Make up application - If I have to apply make up I use cover up, concealer, mascara and blush, thats it! Even when I go out for a night on the town, that's usually what I'm wearing. Everyone else has their make up all done up nicely and some times I really wish I could do that. I have tried doing it myself but it looks horrible. Maybe I'm just not used to the look and it actually does in fact look okay.

Hair - Pin straight is the way I go. Every time I try to do something, it never stays. I can only remember it staying curly once for an Xmas party. Most of the time I think it's just because I'm not going anywhere special so I don't feel the need to do anything "fancy". Then when I look at pictures of friends or anyone who has their done up, I feel the need to expand my "hair horizons".

Going outside my comfort zone. During my recent shopping trip, I had to buy a few dresses for my new job. I tried on a TON and my mom would compliment me on them and I wouldn't feel comfortable in them. We both agreed that it's because I'm not used to wearing "flattering" things - yoga pants and hoodies are my go-to pieces. I think taking this job will "force" me to go outside my comfort zone and I think I am ready for the change.

Being patient and living for the now!

Baking - It's a slow and steady progress but I am still learning.


Sticking to diets or healthy eating - I really NEED to change this!!

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