Friday, November 1, 2013

October Goals - Update

As I mentioned on my "Favorite Things" page, I was going to have monthly goals and then see which ones I was able to achieve. Here were my monthly goals and results for October:

 Visit the pumpkin patch - Completed on October 18th

Read at least three novels - I completed two!

Lose one to three pounds and keep it off - Haven't kept it off :(

Eat healthier - I have been eating a little bit better. Slowly is better than not at all

Update my wardrobe - Again, another slow process but I'm getting there!

Have at least one candy apple - Completed October 19 and was DELICIOUS!

Collect Halloween candy, anyway - Took some from my mom yesterday!

Purchase some pumpkin flavored coffee - Definitely accomplished; thank you Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts!

Beat my brother in the pumpkin carving contest - He claims I didn't and my dad, who was the judge this year, liked both so maybe next year! Haha

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