Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Currently - Nov 3 v.12

Welcome to the first Sunday of November (my birthday month!). To me, October was here for a day or so and then left. A lot happened in October and now a new month is upon us and I welcome all the changes it will bring. As usual, I am linking up with Lauren.

C U R R E N T LY ....

READING: Hemlock Grove still ... I need to finish this book!

WRITING: This post and many other lists

MUSIC: Timber by Pitbull ft Ke$ha

LISTENING: Playlist on iTunes

GUILTY PLEASURE: Rainbow rice crispy treats

THINKING: I have a lot of work to get done today

NAIL COLOR: Same color as last week. Changing it up today or tomorrow.

SMELLING: Laundry 

DRINK: Decaf orange pekoe tea - my staple morning drink

WISHING: I could have a "cleaning and laundry" fairy 

FOOD: Nothing 

HOPING: I can get all my work done today and I can finish getting things on my list this week so I can focus on organizing and .... PACKING!! Ahhhh

TV SHOW: The new season of Mike and Molly starts tomorrow!!

WEARING: Snowman flannel pajama pants and a t shirt from high school (I'm shocked it still fits!)

LOVING: The sun is shining today!

WISH LIST: A red holiday cup filled with a caramel macchiato would be so good right about now

WANTING: To get organized and to check everything off my "purchase" list

NEEDING: To do laundry, try shorts and bathing suits on and go through those, organize everything

BLESSING: That I have had the opportunity to have one of the best jobs for the last six years. I have met and got to know 50+ people who have become a second family. I wouldn't change a thing about the last six years and I will never ever forget the job or them. Until next time!

FEELING: Positive that I am going to get a lot of work done today. Also, feeling a bit strange that it's a weekend and I am not at work watching concerts. I still feel like I have to go in but, I don't :(

CLICKING: Keyboard and different songs on the iTunes playlist 

EXCITEMENT: For my birthday dinners this week. Since I will be away for my birthday, I have to get them in before hand. 

Hope you all had a wonderful first weekend of November :)

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