Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Currently - March 29 v.25

Happy Sunday everyone! It looks like such a spring day, the sun is shining but ... looks can be deceiving because it's -4 outside. Soon enough, soon enough.


READING: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

WRITING: This edition of TSC

MUSIC: Song of the moment - FourFiveSeconds by Rhianna, Kanye and Paul McCartney

LISTENING: To Date Night on ABC Spark

GUILTY PLEASURE:  Sour Skittles 

THINKING: Seems like every time I write one of these posts, I have a lot on my mind and nothing is different this time around

NAIL COLOR: Casanova Is So Into Me by OPI Sephora


DRINK: Decaf orange pekoe tea

FOOD: Maple and brown sugar protein oatmeal 

HOPING: For a few certain things right now and hopefully everything will all be settled within the next week or two.

TV SHOW: Okay, all I need to say about the PLL finale - WHO IS CHARLES? I've started catching up on Bones and I forgot how much I miss that show and how funny it is. 

WEARING: Comfortable pajamas

LOVING: That Spring and Summer weather is just around the corner!

WISH LIST: For everything to get resolved in the next little while so I can get back into a routine

NEEDING: To actually come up with a decision on whether or not I am staying home or going out for another contract. I hate being up in the air with everything and not having that "secure and complete" feeling. 

BLESSING: Everyone and everything in my life

FEELING: Tired, as usual 

CLICKING: Keyboard

  That it's officially spring but now we just need the weather to co-operate! :)

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