Friday, November 13, 2015

Five on Friday

   FINALLY have time to sit down and do things that I enjoy, like blogging. Everything has been so chaotic lately, but it's all slowly coming to an end.

Linking up with A Liz Adventures for todays edition of Five on Friday - enjoy!

At  my job, I can actually read and enjoy a good book when it's not too busy. However, it hasn't been the busiest yet since the weather is so nice, I've gone through two already. I decided to renew my library card sine I probably won't be able to purchase enough books to last me the season. I had such a good laugh - they still had "late fees" from books I had out in 2006, which was the last time I went to the library to take out a book. The fees were only $8, and I asked the librarian what the books were and they were something to do with raising a street smart child and the works of some psychologist. WHAT IN THE HELL would I be doing with those books in 2006, I was still in high school! 

As you may have read from previous posts, I participate in the ever so popular adult coloring. It definitely is a great stress reliever. I was in Chapters yesterday and there were so many books I could have bought, but I am IN LOVE with Johanna Babsfords work. Here are some of the works I have completed the last little while.

While in Chapters, I made the obligatory stop at Starbucks for a skinny peppermint mocha. I've been reading a lot about the controversy of their red cups. I think we're taking away the actual and true meaning of Christmas, slowly, it's not about the color of a cup. There is a first time for eI verything though. It's the first time someone has spelled my name wrong at Starbucks - what?!

My birthday is next week - AHHHH!!! Expect a "reflection" post sometime soon. 

I may or may not be watching Hocus Pocus right now. I didn't have a lot of time during the month of October to sit and watch it so I guess I'm making up for the time now. However, this movie is on year round in this household. You just don't touch the classics! 

What is your Five on Friday?!

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