Sunday, September 4, 2016

dear september sarah. updated.

Dear September Sarah,

Here are the plans I have for you.

   1. I know you say this to yourself every month, but SERIOUSLY get back into your healthy lifestyle
       routine. September was a difficult month and I surely did not get back into my routine as I had hoped.

   2. Make decision and stick to it! I DID in fact make a decision, even though it was a very difficult one to make and it did upset a lot of people. 

   3. Stop being so scared of things - you know what I'm talking about. I would say I was successful with this, but not in the way I intended. There have been certain situations I have been in the last little while that normally I would run away from but I didn't. I stopped letting fear take a hold of me and influence my decisions. 

   4. Less soda & sugar and more water. I would have to say this one was 50/50

   5. Take more pictures. Unfortunately, this did not happen. 

   6. If you stay, look into 3 Day Refresh or Ultimate Reset Cleanse. In a way, I was successful with this because I know it is something I want to do 100%, just have to wait for the extra money. 

   7. Stop trying to make everyone else happy BUT yourself. This one goes hand in hand with #2 and I for once put what I wanted and what was going to make me happy before other people. Again, you tend to see who your true friends are when this happens. 

At the end of the month, I'll revisit these seven plans and see how I did with them. We'll then see what I have lined up for October.

Good luck September Sarah

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