Sunday, September 25, 2016

sunday currently - sept 25 v.54

C U R R E N T L Y ...

READING: Keeping up with reading some blogs and I have read some pretty interesting posts. If you guys know of any good blogs, leave the link in the comment section and I will check them out

WRITING: This Sunday's edition of TSC 

MUSIC: Song(s) of the moment - Aint My Fault by Zara Larsson, Lush Life by Zara Larsson, Bad Boys by Zara Larsson and As You Are by Mike Posner

LISTENING: To The Mummy on TV

GUILTY PLEASURE: This week it's been chocolate covered almonds and birthday cake Oreos

THINKING: That since I received that phone call that didn't go my way, every thing seems to be pointing one direct way but for some reason, I can't seem to wrap my head around it. What is wrong with me??

NAIL COLOR: I think this week I am going to go with a light, mint green of some sort

DRINK: Orange pekoe tea

FOOD: Just had my veggie shake - yes, I drink my veggies since I don't eat all the necessary ones

SMELLING: Nothing 

HOPING: For a moment of REAL clarity

TV SHOW: Since Netflix added the latest seasons of Grey's and Law & Order, I am now going between The Good Wife, Law & Order and Grey's ... There is not enough time in the day!

WEARING: Sunday staple - pajamas!

LOVING: The fall weather!

WISH LIST: For something to happen or for me to see/read something that will make my decision that much easier to make

NEEDING: To stop being so scared and to make a decision and be okay with it

BLESSING: Everyone and everything that I have in my life

FEELING: Not like myself. I have started to take a migraine preventative since my migraines have been getting so bad, I have been spending days in bed. I'm not sure if it's the meds or just the fact that I cannot make a decision that has me not feeling like myself. Hell, it's probably a little bit of both. BUT, the plus side to these meds, they have an appetite suppressant so you can lose weight ... not complaining. 

CLICKING: Keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: For Thanksgiving dinner! Yes, our Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up and thats mean an amazing dinner!! 

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