Thursday, August 20, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge (30DBC)- Day 2


1. I have a younger brother, two older half brothers, a step brother and step sister. Still the only girl in the immediate family though ;)

2. I'm 5'1" so trying to reach anything on the top shelf does become a workout

3. I also have small feet ranging from a 3 kids to 5 ladies. Trying to find heels is quite the challenge

4. I was a competitive/recreational dancer for about 20 years studying ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern and hip hop. I also spent about 7 years in competitive cheerleading as well

5. I've graduated from two post secondary programs and probably moving on to the my third, and let's be honest, not last

6. My favorite foods are tacos, Pizza Hut Pizza, anything with chocolate, cookie dough and chicken fingers

7. My morning "routine" consists of checking all my social media accounts like they're the morning newspaper

8. I love binge watching shows and movies and can watch the same few movies over and over again and never get sick of it

9. My favorite colors are lime green, baby blue and black (yes, I know black is technically not a color)

10. The accuracy of horoscopes scare me

11. Even though I have seen it a million times, Titanic still makes me cry

12. I have to have at least one tea a day

13. I can carry on a conversation made up entirely of movie quotes

14. I have quite the collection of running shoes, hoodies and nail polish 

15. Even at the age of 26, storms still scare me 

16. I never really liked the idea of living in the country and thought of myself as a total city girl. However, the more time spent in the country and the busier the damn city gets, I have fallen in love with living in the country and hopefully one day will 

17. I have a cat named Kittens and treat her like she's my child

18. I have to have dessert after dinner, even if it's the smallest thing, but it's a must!

19. I would rather spend a Friday and Saturday night in the gym than in a bar or club

20. I have been in, and placed, in a few Regional and National Pageants. They taught me a lot and I would never do it again. 

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