Saturday, August 8, 2015

"Traveling Shoes" Curse or Blessing?

Traveling is something we all enjoy doing, some more than others. Some people may take yearly trips, monthly trips or some people, may enjoy making travel part of their job. That's where I fit in. If you asked me three years ago what I would be doing, I NEVER in a million years would have told you that I would be getting paid to travel around the world meeting new people who, in turn, would become my family. I fell in love with a job that I am extremely blessed to have. 

The other day, I came across a comment on a photo saying that "traveling shoes are a curse and a blessing" and I couldn't agree more. Those "shoes" are a blessing because you are getting a chance to do things and see places some would only dream of, myself included. On the other hand, they're a curse because .. well, for many reasons. In my opinion, I think the number one reason would be that it's difficult to feel "at home" when you're actually at home and it's something difficult to give up after doing and seeing so much. 

Some people think I have the best job in the world and they're happy for me. On the other hand, some people don't understand why or how I can do it. AND .. some people, even think I am running away from every day life and my problems. This is where this absolutely AMAZING article by NomadicMatt comes in. A friend of mine, who I met on a ship, posted this article on Facebook and I couldn't help but read. It HIT HOME!! I've been home for a few months now thinking that I would be okay with being "on land" again, having a "normal" job and going back to school. Well, truth be told, I can't. I am having a very difficult time with the "9 to 5", days off spent running errands, I'm just not happy. Eventually, yes, I will have to settle down and give up my "sea legs", but for now, why shouldn't I make the most of it? Why wake up each morning dreading the thought of going into a job you don't want to be at or go to a class you really have no interest in. 

Working on ships, you grow up and realize a lot. When I first started, I never imagine falling in love with the job and wanting to continue doing it. I was just going to do one contract and that's it. I was going on to other things when I was done, school, vet tech, apply to vet school etc ... cookie cutter stuff ya know? After my first contract and hearing some amazing words from co-workers, I thought maybe I found a different "niche", so to speak. 

It's funny how you never really end up where you think you're going to end up .. well, in my case anyways. 

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