Friday, July 8, 2016

five on friday

Write down five random things from your week - thoughts, events, photos - and then head on over to A Liz Adventures and join the link up. There you will be able to find other bloggers and read about what they're saying today.

Unfortunately, I have discovered who some of my true friends really are this week. I haven't been in the greatest of places lately, for more reasons than one, and their reactions have really let their true colours shine through. Oh well, we can't win them all I guess. 

It's supposed to be a stormy weekend and let me tell you, for someone who doesn't like storms, I am so looking forward to hearing the thunder and seeing the lightening. There's just something about storms that makes me want to curl on the couch, good book in hand and a cup of tea. Anyone else feel that way?

Finally brought my rear end into the gym this week. Ugh, when you have haven't been in so long, getting back is the most difficult thing in the world. Last night I wasn't really feeling the gym, so I did a nice at home workout instead. Any workout is better than none at all right? Today was also "weigh in/measurement" day and surprisingly, the majority of them went down by half or one inch, so I wasn't upset or disappointed like I thought I would have been.

Has anyone discovered Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition foundation? PURE BLISS. I received a sample and I totally wish I bought this one over Laura Mercier. Next time!

Funny story of the week - Our crazy neighbours are babysitting a friend's dog and I guess they went inside to grab the dog's water, went back out and he was gone. Now they think that someone stole the dog! Haha, WHAT? No one is going to walk into someone's back yard in broad daylight when everyone is outside to "steal" a dog. Pretty sure the dog ran off but apparently, to them, THAT is the crazy theory! LoL Oh what a neighbourhood I live in. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Let me know in my comments if you joined the link up so I can come by and read your FOF.

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