Sunday, July 3, 2016

sunday currently - july 3 v.47

Happy long weekend everyone! Whether you're in Canada and already celebrated Canada Day or you're in the USA celebrating July 4th, I hope it's a good one! I really do miss this link up and if I had any idea of how to create one, I think I would. Here is the first July edition of TSC .... 

C U R R E N T L Y ...

READING: Still haven't picked up an actual book. I've been reading a lot of blogs lately though, that counts as something right?

WRITING: This Sunday's edition of TSC 

MUSIC: Song(s) of the moment - Me Too by Meghan Trainer 

LISTENING: To the baseball game on the tv 

GUILTY PLEASURE: This past week it's been my chocolate Oreo thins and Lucky Charms

THINKING: 1. Why do people think it's okay to ignore you for months on end and then just randomly show up again and pretend that nothing happened? 2. Why do people think you do nothing but sit next to your phone? If I don't answer a text message or a snap, it means I'm busy. 3. I NEED MY SHIP ASSIGNMENT. 4. Why do I constantly have mixed feelings about heading back to sea? ... 

NAIL COLOR: Domestic Goddess by Sephora by O.P.I

DRINK: Decaf orange pekoe tea

FOOD: Just finished a bowl of Lucky Charms and a greek yogurt


HOPING: For a ship assignment ASAP please & hopefully the ship options are good

TV SHOW: Currently watching Grey's Anatomy BUT after a VERY emotional season finale of season 8 and beginning of season 9, I don't think I can watch anymore. For those of you who have watched Grey's, Shonda Rhimes needs to STOP taking my characters. Yes, I said MY characters. After 8 seasons, they seem like they're apart of my life (hahah I'm joking!) and they need to stay. I also don't think I want to cry anymore. BUT, I watched a few episodes of Bloodline last night as that's another show on my list. I just needed to take a break from crying

WEARING: Black comfy capris and a baseball style shirt

LOVING: The weather lately. I love how people are complaining that it's way too hot outside ... uhm, hello, it's July, it's supposed to be hot. But when the snow is on the ground and it's -30 outside, they want the hot weather back

WISH LIST: For someone to come and clean my room and do my laundry

NEEDING: To clean my room and do laundry ... never ending

BLESSING: Everyone and everything that I have in my life

FEELING: Tired. I went to bed last night at 1:30am and laid in bed wide awake until 6:00am. When I finally fell asleep, I was up every hour, tossing and turning ... was not a good night

CLICKING: Keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: Finding out my ship and even though it will become hectic full of packing and getting everything in order, I will know when I am leaving and where I will be going. 

Enjoy your long weekend! If you have any fun or exciting stories .. send them my way! :)

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