Sunday, July 31, 2016

hyc day 03.


Even though we all say this about our parents, mine are pretty much the best. Unfortunately, they separated when my brother and I were in high school but as I grew up, I realized how much of a good decision that was. It never really "hit me" or bothered me then like it did until a few years later. My mom used to work for the City and the Mayor and now she's "retired", as she was able to take early retirement. I say it that way because she still goes in for consultations and for some work, so I don't think she's really retired. My dad used to work for the Casino in town and he's actually retired. Since I live with my Dad, it's nice having him home now but then again at the same time, it has it's downs as well. My mom lives with her new husband - we won't get into that story either. 

My parents are both some of the most supportive parents and will stand behind me with whatever decisions I make. Yes, of course, sometimes it's all tough love and we will argue, but they only want the best for me. And when push comes to shove, they're always there. 

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