Friday, July 29, 2016

hyc day 01


If you've been following me, you've probably read my "About Me" page so I will try and keep this different than that. 

I'm 5'1, so anything on the top shelf is a no go for me.

I have an addiction, probably borderline severe addiction, to caffeine, especially iced coffee.

I have to have pizza at least once a week.

I can purchase shoes from the kids section. YES when it comes to running shoes, NO when it comes to finding heels. 

I can't leave home without bringing something to drink with me.

I can binge watch crime shows until the cows come home.

I hate rom-coms and LOVE horror movies.

Sour skittles, sour keys and chewy SweetTarts - major food groups. 

Banana's NO, Banana bread YES, Carrots NO, Carrot Muffins YES - Weird I know. 

I prefer the night over the day.

I cannot comfortably go to sleep unless I check my surrounding area for bugs/spiders.

I'm a natural blonde even though I haven't had blonde hair for probably 5+ years.

Bottom line .. I'm weird and I embrace it!

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