Friday, October 25, 2013

Countdown: 20 days & three more shifts

Doesn't it seem like when you are really excited for something time goes by so slow? When you're a little nervous or "not as excited", time goes by so fast? That's how I feel about my "Countdown to ship life". 

I'm now at 20 days before departure and three more shifts at work. It still hasn't hit my yet and I still haven't done anything that should have been done. Tomorrow is the big "shopping trip" where I will attempt to find luggage, dresses and some shoes. I tend to get side tracked when shopping, I'll go in for one thing and end up finding and buying the complete opposite. At least I will have my mom with me to keep me on the right track! 

Some people at work have asked me how I felt about leaving and this whole experience and I really don't have a straight answer for them. I feel like I've "checked out" of work and my mind is elsewhere, even though I LOVE the job. It will be different not seeing concerts every week and weekend but I need to do what I have to do to further myself in life. 

I have also started to realize that this is going to be a positive experience for me in the sense that I will learn how to be more independent, grow a back bone (which I've needed to do for years!) and I will get to see and experience things that I may not get to otherwise. Lately at work things have been a little negative and it's at the point where somedays I really don't feel like going in simply just to avoid the negativity. With this in mind, I believe this will be a good change for me and I feel that once in your life you need a positive and major change. 

Instead of watching AMC's Fearfest, I should really be doing more productive things like going through my clothes and coming up with "to pack" lists, but Fearfest only happens once a year! Maybe I'm just more nervous than I think I am. 

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