Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday - v.9

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone had a good week. My week was okay, uneventful. Today I woke up with the worst throat and ear ache so I decided to take the night off of work. The last thing I need is to be sick for my departure date.

As usual, I am linking up with A Liz Adventures for todays post.

O N E ~~ "The Conjuring" came out on Blu Ray and on VOD on Tuesday & of course, it has already been rented. I found this movie to be terrifying - maybe because it's a true story but I absolutely love this movie and could not wait for it to come out. Now, to get over to the store and buy it ...

T W O ~~ When you have a problem, the first step is admitting it right? Well my name is Sarah and I have an online & general shopping addiction. I find shopping online a little bit easier since there is more selection and you really can find the best deals. I ordered a few things and some of them have come in, just waiting on one more package! It also feels like Christmas morning when something comes in.

This is the Free People sweater I mentioned a while ago. I am actually surprised that it fits me. I've never ordered anything from FP before so I was a bit nervous. The fit is true to size and it's actually quite heavy, heavier than I thought actually. It will pair nicely with a pair of skinnies or leggings, flats or maybe some ankle booties.

You've heard me mention them before and probably will again but my Cut and Run London Dreamcatcher necklace came in. I'm not a huge jewelry fan, however, when I saw this I fell in love. When I was younger, my mom and grandma used to tell me about dreamcatchers and what they represent. So when I saw this and thought that I will need some jewelry with me on the ship, I definitely had to order it.

Browsing on Pinterest is never a good idea for me either. I came across this Victoria's Secret sweater and - it was on SALE! How could I not? It's a very light pink and black and a light material, so of course, I can take it on the ship with me. In the package, they sent the Winter Style Guide. Boy, am I glad I do not have to invest in any winter clothes this year or else, I would go broke!

This is the last thing, I swear! Again, another FP purchase. I was having a hard time finding maxi dresses now, since everything is now winter-ized so when I saw this, again, fell in love. When I shop now I have to think of "can it come with me on the ship" and it can. May even wear this my first day on board!

T H R E E ~~ The weather has been crazy lately! Hasn't helped my head much but it makes for beautiful pictures doesn't it?

F O U R ~~ 24 days until my birthday!! It will be my first birthday away from home too.

F I V E ~~ I'll be posting another two posts today so please check them out :)

Enjoy your weekend!

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