Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday - v.8

Sorry for yet another late edition of FOF. I have had a very busy and very fun day! I am making the time, which counts for something right? As usual, I am linking up with A Liz Adventures for this edition.

O N E // Thanksgiving - This past Monday we celebrated our Thanksgiving. We had a very nice family dinner and spent some quality time with everyone. We usually have the traditional turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and all the other fixins'. It was absolutely delicious and of course, there were lots of left overs. I had a lot to be thankful for this year, as I do every year. It was nice being able to spend this holiday with my family.

T W O // Pumpkin Patch - Today we were able to make it over to the pumpkin patch. It used to be a family tradition and then once my brother and I grew up, we sort of stopped going. Just up until recently we made it our tradition again. We pick out our pumpkins, which usually takes a while since we can never make up our mind on just one. We then enjoy a nice lunch and then hit the activities that they have. Once we got home, we ended up carving our pumpkins which usually ends up being a competition between my brother and I.

T H R E E // I ended up changing my end date at work. I was originally going to finish November 3rd, however, I thought I should just finish up the month and then spend the extra time with family. On Thursday night I had to work and my brother and dad were both off and at home watching the hockey game. It was a perfect night as well because it was rainy and cold. While I was getting ready for work, it hit me that I won't be able to enjoy these nights soon so I should get them in while I can. After I realized that, I decided I needed to change my end date. However, I am sitting here writing this and I don't even feel like going into work these next few shifts. I think I have just "checked out".

F O U R // Countdown is now at 27 days!!

F I V E // AMC Fear Fest -- Is there anything better this time of year??

Have a great weekend ya'll :)

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