Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday - v.6

Happy first Friday of October! I hope everyone had a wonderful first week. The weather was absolutely beautiful, except for today. I've never really liked any other season other than summer, however, this fall I am really starting to take a liking to it. The leaves are starting to change color and fall from the trees and people are starting to decorate for Halloween. Or maybe it's because this fall I have more of a "passion for fashion". Not that I never did before, I'm just paying more attention to fashion lately. 

For this first post of FOF in October, I am linking up with A Liz Adventures

O N E - I finally found pumpkin spiced coffee for the home. I looked everywhere for anything pumpkin flavored and came up empty. I was getting disappointed because even certain Starbucks didn't have what I was looking for. I was ready to give up and then I found some! At the Starbucks in Target of all places. I was so excited and definitely made a cup when I got home and now it's all I'm drinking. Should have bought more than two packages!

T W O - Rainy days! There is something calming about rainy days, or so I think anyways. Being in pajamas all day, watching movies and having junk food. I don't spend all rainy days like this, but today, that's exactly what I will be doing. 

T H R E EMy new job that I still can't believe I have. I had to go renew my drivers license and health card today and I had to ask the lady how long it would take because I was leaving the country soon and when she asked me why, I think I could start to "feel" the realization (if that even makes sense) that it was happening. She told me that she was trying to talk to her son into doing the same thing because it's a wonderful opportunity for young people. The more people I tell, the more I hear about how much of wonderful opportunity it is and how lucky I am. 

F O U R - Nothing screams fall like regular season hockey. Hockey has always been a big thing in my household, whether it be when my brother used to play to watching every game on television. When the game is on, there is no trying to talk to my brother or dad, they're in their zone. I usually watch the game with them but I'm not sure if I'm watching for the actual game or for the humor of my dad and brother. 

F I V E - The message of this picture is SO TRUE. When I had to send the email back stating what day I would like to leave, I'm pretty sure I sat there with the written email forever trying to work up enough courage to hit "send". I had to keep telling myself these words .... 

Have a great day and even better weekend :)



  1. found you on the linkup...yay! loving all this friday goodness! i definitely drank 2 big mugs of pumpkin coffee today ;)


  2. thanks for reading! I'm about to make another big cup and get to a good book! I love all your DIY ideas on your blog :)

  3. Congratulations on the job!!! So exciting! And I love lazy rainy days too :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! It will definitely be interesting :) I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who enjoys rainy days!