Friday, October 25, 2013

Meet The Blogger


I'm a fairly new blogger and even though I have an "About Me" page, I thought I would share some other facts about myself that will allow you to get to know me, Sarah, a little better. 

→ I am Canadian and no, I don't like the snow or the cold, I don't say "eh" a lot and I prefer Starbucks over Tim Horton's. 

→ I used to be a competitive dancer of about 19 years (lost count!) and cheerleader. I studies jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, modern, lyrical and hip hop. I have suffered a few minor concussions, broken bones and have horrible wrists and a back. However, I wouldn't trade it for the world and this is my ONLY regret in life - that I had to stop but it is also a goal of mine to get back into it.

→ I am terrified of bugs, mostly spiders. Before bed each night, I have to check my room over for spiders or else I can't sleep - I'm weird, I know. 

→ When I was a baby, I used to be in television commercials and I never let my parents live it down that I could have been famous! Not that I really wanted or want to be famous, I just like joking around with them.

→ I would prefer to stay in on a Friday night than go out to a club or bar.

→ I have no idea what I am doing with this blog, I'm just kind of going with the flow. I hope people enjoy what I post and I will try harder than to just post certain things on certain days of the week.

→ I prefer yoga pants and running shoes over jeans and heels, even though I own quite a few pairs of jeans and heels. Just never know when I am going to need them - right?

→ Before bed, I have to watch a movie and have some form of snack. It helps me relax. 

→ I always wanted to play hockey but my mom would never let me because "it will ruin your dancing career" ... So much for that dancing career Mom! 

→ I will go above and beyond for people and animals. I put other's before me and rarely think about myself. Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's not - just who I am I guess.

→ I am a klutz even though I spent years in the dance studio. I tend to spill or drop something on a daily basis.

→ I have been told I look like Adele, Kaley Cuoco and Scarlett Johanssen (I don't believe any of them)

→ I tend be sarcastic at times which really doesn't help when I'm first meeting people.

→ I am a picky eater! Usually when I order a sandwich of some sort, it just has mayo on it. I don't eat vegetables except for cucumbers, tomatoes and corn (if they even count!) and I don't like seafood.

→ LOVE scary movies!

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