Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So What Wednesday [2]

Guess what day it is?? Hump Day woo hoo!! Linking up with Shannon for todays So What! Wednesday.

So What! If...

☆ I have had more pumpkin cheesecake than I should have had. I couldn't help it, it was Thanksgiving.

☆ I am super excited for AMC's Fearfest!!

☆ I am also super excited to visit the Pumpkin Patch on Friday!

☆ I am NOT ready for the cold weather or the "S" word - Snow

☆ I am getting more and more nervous about leaving. My countdown is at 29 days 

☆ I have SO much to do in these next few days but I cannot bring myself to get any of it started or done

☆ I have been wanting to make this Buffalo Chicken Dip. I have had this recipe for a while and haven't got around to it

☆ I am excited for regular season basketball to start even though I probably won't see much of it

What are you saying "So what" to this week?


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