Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So What Wednesday [3]

Hope everyone had a good hump day! This week I'm say "So what" with Shannon and here is what's on my mind.

"So What" If...

☆ I joined the BBM for iPhone bandwagon. It will be easier for me to keep in touch when I am away

☆ My tv channel hasn't changed from AMC Fearfest. Only happens once a year!

☆ I am having a difficult time finding a Halloween costume. I would actually like to be covered and I don't feel like spending $70-90 on something I will wear for one night

☆ I hate my new driver's license picture - doesn't everyone?

☆ I still haven't done anything to prepare for my new journey. Well, okay I lied a little. I called my insurance company and saw the doctor for the things I needed. Other than that, nothing, nadda!

☆ I really don't care about Kim & Kanye getting engaged. And, in my opinion, he could have done A LOT BETTER on the proposal idea

☆ I screamed out loud in sadness when I saw the "S" word coming down today (snow!)


  1. My driver's license picture is from when I was in high school, which makes it almost 10 years old! I always renew it online instead of going to the DMV. I've always hated it though!

  2. You are absolutely right! Renewing online is something new for us so I never thought about doing that. Well, I guess I have a new goal for the next picture - make sure it's a good one so I don't have to get a new one haha