Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday v3

Another Friday is here and I am linking up with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife for this weekends edition full of photos - enjoy!

One of the main questions a crew member is asked while working on a ship is "Where are you from". When guests found out I was from Canada, they were amazed for some reason. If people have been here, they loved it, if they haven't been here, they want to visit because it's beautiful. I never really thought of it that way because I was born and raised here. When I came home and all those words and thoughts from people sank in ... they were right and I am very blessed to have been born and raised in such a beautiful country. Annndddd since the weather has been nice lately, I took advantage of it. 
 Not bad for a front yard huh?

While cleaning out my room yesterday, I decided that I may or may not have an addiction to Toms. It's only six pairs ... it's not that much of one right?

I cannot believe next Friday is August 1 ... the older I seem to get, the faster time seems to go. 

These have been my thoughts the last week ...

I discovered the show "Leah Remini: Its All Relative" last night and OMG! I could not stop laughing. Her family is hilarious! Do you think she would be into adoption ;) If you guys haven't already checked it out, I highly suggest it!

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

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