Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday Currently - July 7 v.14 *Tuesday Edition*

I had every intention of posting this on Sunday, however, a family bbq and bonfire was in the way of my laptop. A Tuesday edition is just as good ... right?? :) Linking up with Lauren this week.

 C U R R E N T LY 

READING: Almost finished Hemlock Grove. I didn't really have much time to read on the ship but once this book is finished, I am moving on to Gone Girl. I have wanted to read this book for so long and I keep putting it off but after seeing a preview for the movie they are making (yes - what?!), I NEED to read this book asap. 

WRITING: This post  and lots of emails lately. 

MUSIC: There are a few songs on my "list" lately ... Dark Horse by Katy Perry ft Juicy J, 23 by Mike Will ft. Miley Cyrus, Pompeii by Bastille, Team by Lorde 

LISTENING: Silence .... sometimes that is all you need. 

GUILTY PLEASURE: Angry Orchard Hard Cider! I found this little beaut on the ship and I haven't been able to turn away since. I don't like apple cider but this drink is DELICIOUS! It kind of sorta tastes like you're drinking a sour apple candy. Only downfall, it has a lot of damn calories so usually one is my limit :(

THINKING: You know how there is being home sick, is there such a thing as being "ship sick"?

NAIL COLOR: Blue My Away by Sally Hansen

SMELLING: Nothing at the moment

DRINK: My TinyTeaTox tea 

WISHING: That Mother Nature would realize that it is SUMMER and not spring and give us some actual decent summer weather. 

FOOD: Last thing I ate was blueberries

HOPING: I can actually get some decent sleep tonight

TV SHOW: 24! I cannot get enough of this show. I was introduced to it on the ship, along with a few other shows, and I cannot stop watching it. Almost finished S2, out of 8 seasons. Good thing I'm on vacation until the end of August

WEARING: Pajama pants and a Jacksonville, FL hoodie

LOVING: The fact that it is summertime!

WISH LIST: A few good books that I have been wanting to get

NEEDING: To go through my room and clothes, AGAIN! It's never ending, especially when I bought things at sea

BLESSING: Everything - my family, my friends, my health and my absolutely wonderful job!

FEELING: A little bit tired and that I still have not completely adjusted to being home

CLICKING: This keyboard 

EXCITEMENT: At the job I had before the ship, every summer we would hold our annual summer party and someone's house. I thought I would be missing out on some our events but luckily for me, I will be in attendance this year! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again. I can't wait :)

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and have an even better week! 

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