Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Whats Up Wednesday [2]

I know I posted a SWW before this, but I recently discovered this link up and I absolutely love it. This week I will be posting two Wednesday posts and hopefully you guys don't mind.

1. What I'm Reading
Still reading Hemlock Grove. I will try and finish it by next Wednesday so I can have some thoughts on the book. I've also been reading a lot of blogs lately which I find so relaxing and interesting.

2. What I'm Writing
Text messages to someone who I miss so very much and of course, still writing those emails.

3. What Inspires Me Right Now
When I was younger I was heavily into dance and cheerleading. Once school let out for the day, I would be right in the studio 6 days a week. Between dance and cheerleading, I always had the "dancer legs" and I never thought I was thin. If I could ONLY have that body back! While I was on the ship, I started to go to the gym once I decided I had enough of never being comfortable in a bikini. I kept it up for a few months and now that I am home, my ocean view gym has been taken away from me, so I rejoined the gym I was at before. I keep looking at pictures from way back in my dancing/cheerleading days and I am determined and inspired to get back to looking like that. I know it will not happen over night, but with time and dedication it CAN and WILL happen.

4. What Else Have I Been Up To
To be honest, not much. I am still trying to get adjusted to being home. When I woke up this morning, I finally felt rested and like I had gotten some sleep. I have been home two weeks this Saturday and last night was the first night I felt like that. I have been visiting with friends and finally met my brothers girlfriend today. Everyone else in the family has had the pleasure of meeting her, but because I have been away for 6 months, kind of puts a damper on our "meeting" plans. She is such a lovely girl and we got a long really well. There weren't any of those "awkward silences" which was really nice.

What's Up With Your Wednesday??


  1. Good for you for sticking with the gym! (Especially after you lost the ocean view. That sounds suuuuper motivating and beautiful.) I was a dancer for a long time too, so I really relate to what you are saying... I saw a picture of my younger self the other day and was like, "HOW did I think I wasn't skinny???"

    But anyway--have a great week! :)

  2. Thank you for reading and for your kind words! Those exact words go through my mind each and every time I see a picture of myself from those days. This transition has been slightly difficult and frustrating but with time, hopefully, it will become easier.

    Have a wonderful week and an even better weekend :)